Luxury with Intelligence.

It all began with an incident when one of our members lost his wallet. At that time his phone’s battery was dead. A wallet which not only holds cash but all the important IDs as well. Several days passed juggling by thinking of all those moments to many anxiety levels.


Pace Setters.

We are team of technologists, designers & business professionals who came together to build revolutionary highly intelligent product which will save you in the daily hustle

Our Core Values

The Enduring Core Values at AristaVault

  • Luxury with Intelligence
  • Customer Value Creation
  • Commitment to Innovation


Most frequent questions and answers

We use wallet everyday. we use Smart Phone everyday. Most of our Phone’s battery die Everyday. Wallet Bot charges smart phone quickly and never let you loose Phone or Wallet with BLE 4.1 wireless Notification.

PreOrder will help us to provide this hi-tech device at a very affordable price. The device is tested and ready to manufacture in bulk. PreOrder is required to process bulk production.

Download App, Switch on Wallet Bot. Open App and Click On search. Click on Wallet Bot to connect. Bingo! Ready to go!

Because they are connected with each other with Bluetooth which consumes low energy. Thus, one device will send an alert when disconnected from the other. Just Connect with Wallet Bot and get Enjoy Peace!

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