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Arista Vault is an innovative technology company that makes smart products and gadgets to create human life easy simple and safe. It is a worldwide brand having its presence in various technologies and innovation and R&D. We create several smart products which help humans in their daily hustle plus ease up human life with the smart solutions.

Associated with Govt. of India ministry of electronics and information technology has been incubated Arista Vault under its innovation and product development program at Electropreneur Park | STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) in association with |IESA technical |R&D support. We are supported with a power lab to develop, build, various technology and innovations and to develop ESDM technology in the govt. Lab under its product development, Arista Vault with the help of Govt. support is developing patented technologies and smart products.

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We are team of technologists, designers & business professionals who came together to build revolutionary highly intelligent product which will save you in the daily hustle

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