Arista Vault’s Republic Day Sale: Free Shipping, Offers & Many More Arista Vault

Arista Vault’s Republic Day Sale: Free Shipping, Offers & Many More

Arista Vault wishes you all a very happy Republic Day. The day when The Indian Constitution came into power 73 years ago. It’s a day of pride & honor for every Indian in the world.

This Republic Day Arista Vault brings you an exclusive sale so we all can together embrace the happiness & pride of living in the free air of the world's largest democratic country.

We always feel a sense of patriotism & pride when we hear words like India, Indian, etc. In Arista Vault we also embrace the utmost pride of being Indian that’s why our mission is to make innovative products with International quality preserving Indian assurance.

The products of Arista Vault you get to see are all homegrown i.e. we make them in India only without compromising with the quality we offer.

Also, we follow all the Make in India norms to make our products evidently Indian. Now you can also experience a sense of patriotism by owning an Arista Product now!

What’s in the box for me this Republic Day?

We completely get your question. That's why we came up with a whole bunch of surprises for you at Arista Vault on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day.

Now you can get:

Up to 73% off on all Arista Products:

Yes, you heard it right you can now buy any Arista Product and get up to 73% off on your purchase. Celebrate the 73rd Republic Day now, owning an Arista product that is completely made in India.

Free Shipping on all products:

Free Shipping

Now dump all the additional shipping this Republic Day with Free Shipping on all the products of Arista Vault. Why pay extra? when you get the option of free delivery at your doorstep.

Sense of “Patriotism” with International Quality Standards:

Order from Arista Vault and take home the Patriotism with you. The patriotism of being an Indian and using an Indian product that provides the international quality with the assurance of an Indian brand. Arista Vault currently holds 8 patents for innovative smart products along with various certifications for the product quality we deliver, the safety & innovations we make.

Products you can buy:

  • Classic Men’s Smart Wallet:
  • Upgrade to the new generation of wallets with Classic Smart Wallet. Get stunning features such as an anti-theft anti-lost two-way alarm, built-in power bank, two-way tracker, remote selfie, and many more.

    In this Wallet, you get luxury Gift packaging, charging cable, iOS and C-Type charging connectors, User Manual and Warranty Card.


    • Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm
    • Two Way Alarm / Pickpocketing Alarm
    • Location Tracking
    • 3000 mah Power Charging
    • 20 Meter Separation Alarm
    • RFID Protection
    • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather
    • Remote Selfie Button

    This Smart wallet is much more effective than elegant. It's not only a wallet, it's a gadget, Wallet-Bot. It is anti-lost /anti-theft, can be tracked & it has two-way Smart connectivity with the mobile phone and wallet. The Wallet-Bot comes with premium quality design engineered leather.

    This Smart, Wallet insures your wallet and mobile phone.

  • Shuddhi Basket:
  • Shuddhi Basket is a Smart Solution to sanitize your daily objects. Now as the world is going smart, don't just use Alcohol-based sanitizers or detergents to cleanse the electronic equipment, vegetables, groceries, etc. It is Very Useful for Office Equipment & Daily Household items, Laptop, Masks, Cash, Mobile, Phone, Glasses, Electronics & Handbags (Light Weight).


    • Lightweight, Foldable
    • 99.99% Sterilization Capacity tested
    • Large capacity 18 liters.
    • Disinfection in minutes
    • Low Electricity Consumption
    • Safety feature alarm
    • Automatic power cut feature

    It is Compact, Foldable, and made of Eco-Friendly Jute material. This Made in India product is lab tested for efficacy & accuracy. 100% safe to use and clinically tested for its high efficiency. USB Charging Cable, suitable for any USB power adapter.

  • Card-Bot Smart Cardholder Wallet:

  • A premium leather smart Card-Bot wallet with an Anti-lost Anti Theft Alarm, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. It can be positioned by GPS tracker and can be searched in two ways with the mobile phone and wallet.


    • Quick card access mechanism
    • *Anti-lost/Anti-theft alarm
    •  Location Tracking
    • 20-meter separation alarm.
    • RFID protection
    •  Premium leather
    •  Remote selfie

  • Women Smart Finder Wallet
  • Smart Women Need Smart products. This Smart Wallet is a revolutionary product that protects you from losses. It's not your ordinary wallet, It has amazing smart features like


    • Separation Alert
    • Global GPS Tracking
    • RFID Protection
    • Pickpocketing alert
    • Smart selfie button
    • Made with premium Italian leather

    Smart Women Need Smart products. A product that can be your companion in all those hustles you make in the walk of your life and sometimes you become carefree, we understand and back you with our Smartest Tech product.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Go and buy your favorite Arista product now! Get up to 73% off on your purchase without giving any extra delivery charge with the free shipment.

    Buy now at:


    On Amazon: ARISTA VAULT

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