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Conquer Summer Adventures with Arista Vault's Smart Travel Squad!

Hey travel enthusiasts! Summer's calling, and it's time to answer with epic adventures. But who needs the hassle of lugging around heavy bags or misplaced essentials? Not you!  This summer, upgrade your travel game with Arista Vault's awesome crew of smart travel gadgets, designed to make your escapes as smooth as butter (or should we say, a piña colada?). 

Meet Your New Travel Buddy: The Follow Me Smart Luggage!

Smart Luggage


Imagine gliding through the airport feeling like royalty, not a pack mule. That's the magic of our Follow Me Smart Luggage! This innovative suitcase follows you effortlessly for up to 10 kilometers, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. Hills? No problem! It can handle inclined plane ramps with ease. Plus, it boasts a spacious 33-liter capacity, perfect for packing all your summer essentials. 

And the best part? You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. This bad boy comes with anti-theft features, so you can focus on making memories, not worrying about your valuables.

Don't Let Your Bagpack Slow You Down!

Smart Bag

For the modern explorer who needs both work and play, we present Arista Vault Smart Bagpack, the Smart Bagpack! This sleek and stylish companion features fingerprint zip-lock technology for ultimate security. It unlocks within a blazing-fast 0.1 second and can store up to 10 fingerprints for family or travel buddies. Plus, managing access is a breeze with simple add and delete options. 

But this smart bagpack is more than just a secure haven for your laptop. It boasts a Type-C rechargeable scanner for convenient charging and a USB charging port to keep your devices powered up on the go. 

Never Lose Your Stuff Again

Fumbling for keys or frantically searching for lost luggage is a thing of the past. Our Smart Keychain and Smart Bag Tags use Bluetooth to connect to your phone. These little lifesavers come in premium leather and offer amazing features like:

Anti-Lost/Anti-Theft Alarm: It lets out a loud beep if your belongings strays beyond a 20-meter range. No more airport security line panic!

Ring My Phone/BagTag: Can't find your phone or keys or luggage? No worries! Just use the app to make them ring.

Location Tracking: Need a little extra reassurance? These gadgets also have built-in location tracking, so you can see their whereabouts on your phone.

Remote Selfie Button: Traveling solo? Capture those epic solo pics with ease using the remote selfie button on your bag tag. Even group selfies are a bliss with this remote selfie button, so no worries to click pictures during your trips. 

Travel Smart, Travel in Style!

Arista Vault understands that looking good matters. That's why our smart travel gear doesn't sacrifice style for functionality.  Explore the world with confidence and comfort with our innovative features and sleek designs.

So ditch the outdated luggage and embrace the future! This summer, choose Arista Vault and unlock a world of smart travel solutions designed to make your adventures smoother, safer, and way more stylish. 

Let's turn those summer dreams into a reality, stress-free and in style!

Ready to experience the smart travel revolution? Explore Arista Vault's collection of travel gadgets today!

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