Arista Vault Smart Festive Season Sale get exciting offers on smart wallet and smart bag

Get Arista Vault Smart Wallet - Smart Bag in Festive Season Sale

  • Arista Vault is an innovation in the fashion tech industry with its range of tech-enabled smart products, including the cutting-edge smart wallet.
  • Arista Vault focuses on customer’s peace of mind by providing tech-enabled products which are easy to handle.
  • Innovation at your doorstep, explore Arista Vault’s collections of Smart wallet and smart bag or techbags.


Smart wallet is basically a modern evolution of traditional wallets, integrating technology to enhance functionality and security. Arista Vault stands out as a leading innovator in this field, offering a range of smart wallets designed to elevate convenience and style. 

With features like tracking, anti-theft technology, and elegant design, Arista Vault's smart wallets are at the forefront of the fashion tech industry, providing users with an advanced and stylish way to manage their essentials. 

The evolution of wallets into smart wallets represents a significant leap in functionality. Traditional wallets serve as storage for cash and cards, while smart wallets incorporate technology like Bluetooth, GPS, and RFID blocking to offer convenience and security. 

They allow users to track their wallet's location and even secure personal data with RFID protection. This convergence of fashion and technology provides the convenience of streamlined organization and the peace of mind that your essentials are protected from theft and loss.

This Festive Season, Get Your Smart Wallet From Arista Vault At Exciting Offer

Introducing the Arista Vault Smart Wallet: Wallet Bot Classic, your ultimate solution for safeguarding your currency and cards with state-of-the-art RFID protection. Designed to keep your valuable possessions secure, this innovative wallet is also GPS-enabled, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind. And if that's not enough, be sure to explore our line of Smart Bags, which offer the same cutting-edge technology to protect your belongings on the go. 

Don't miss the opportunity to join the Arista Vault family this festive season and enjoy exciting offers as you experience the future of wallet and bag technology! Visit and get exclusive discounts on all products, to avail use code: AV15. 

But wait, there's more! Arista Vault has just unveiled its latest festive combos, designed to supercharge your life with our tech-enabled innovations and elevate your style with our sleek designs. Get ready to embrace the future with excitement as Arista Vault takes your lifestyle to new heights this festive season!

Explore The Latest Festive Combos by Arista Vault

Get ready to elevate your festive season with Arista Vault! Our Smart Wallet and Smart Bag combo offers are here to add a touch of luxury and security to your life. Don't miss out on the chance to grab these essential accessories at amazing prices and experience peace of mind like never before. Join the Arista Vault family and seize the season's exciting offers today!


Pair yourself with our smart festive combos, 

In our first combo, you can acquire the Genz Fingerlock bag and BagTag for an incredible price of only ₹7,999.00. Moving on to our second combo, you can enjoy the BagTag and Smartpac laptop bag for just ₹9,999.00. The third combo includes the Wallet bot Finder smart wallet, and the Techbag laptop bag with fingerlock, all available at the exciting price of ₹11,999.00. Last but certainly not least, in our fourth combo, you can snag a Wallet bot Classic smart wallet and Smartpac, the tech-enabled laptop bag, for an amazing price of just ₹12,999.00. Don't miss out – hurry up and grab your special combo this festive season! Click on the Combo price to book yours today and get free delivery on all prepaid orders.

Arista Vault Smart Wallet

Celebrate the festive season in style with Arista Vault's exclusive sale. Discover unbeatable deals on our Smart Wallets, Smart Bags, and more, adding innovation to your lifestyle. Don't miss out – it's the season of joy and savings with Arista Vault!

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