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Introducing Gen-JARVIZ: The Gen-Z of Luggage Industry

Why Gen-JARVIZ Luggage is the Game Changer in the Luggage Industry

Who is Gen-Z?

Gen Z, also termed as Zoomers, is the succeeding generation to the Millennials and is followed by Generation Alpha. According to most researchers, Gen Z was born sometime between 1995 to 2012. Unlike the millennials, who grew up watching cable TV and using landline, Gen-Z has been influenced by digital technology and internet service. While millennials saw the rise of smartphones, the Gen-Z have been born and bred in the time where Internet is an essential utility same as the cable television and telephone landlines. They cannot remember a time when there existed no smart phones. Streaming platforms and social media are a part of their daily life. Their digital knowledge shapes their communication, learning and perceptive about the world. Generations are ever-evolving. The dynamic global landscape will certainly have an impact on the next generation's values and life experiences. Understanding generational shifts will help us in bridging communication gaps, improving relations and cooperation as well as and build a prognosis for the market.

Smart Luggage: The Future of Luggage Industry

Over the years, luggage has remained a comparatively constant travel companion. Although, materials have improved, and wheels have become more efficient, but the core functionality remains the same: a container, used to carry our personal belongings. But what if luggage could do more than just its traditional functioning?



Just like generations evolved to be called Gen-Z, the latest flagship innovation in luggage industry is Gen-JARVIZ by Arista Vault – the extraordinary fusion of technology and fashion. It is functional as well as trendy. So it is time for the traditional luggage to go behind the curtains and let smart luggage come into the spotlight.

Introducing Jarviz: Your Smart Travel Partner

Switch2smart with Arista Vault’s Gen-JARVIZ. Make way for Jarviz! A revolutionary concept that promises to be the future of the luggage industry. Jarviz is not just an ordinary travel suitcase; it's a smart travel companion – a smart trolley bag. Picture yourself carrying a sleek, lightweight portable smart luggage that seamlessly blends with your travel schedule.

Let’s take a glimpse into what Jarviz has to offer:

  • Effortless Maneuvering- FOLLOW ME Mode: No more playing tug-of-war with your traditional luggage at the airport. Here comes Jarviz! Your new smart travel companion gliding gracefully beside you and following you effortlessly like a faithful robotic companion. This allows your hands to be free now for other important tasks. The Follow Me Mode enables this smart trolley bag to follow you up to 10 Km. What say?!
  • Different modes: As a child we all enjoyed sitting on trolleys or luggage carts while our parents carried them around. But did you ever imagine that you could really ride in your luggage carts or trolleys, completely hands-free? Smart luggage made this come true. In its RIDE-ON Mode, now you sit and navigate through busy airports or other places up to 7Km. The Self-Balancing / Climb Mode enables the smart luggage to navigate through rugged or inclined terrains effortlessly. Switch to Entertainment Mode and the power wheels of the smart luggage will surprise you!
  • Smart Packing: Packing is no more a headache with Jarviz which comes with an enormous carrying capacity of 33 Liters. Hence, you get to pack accordingly based on your itinerary. The maximum space ensures you have access to everything and leave no essential behind.
  • Built-in Security: Security is a top priority when it comes to traveling. And security brings in peace of mind. Without security and peace of mind, one cannot enjoy their journey. Jarviz has a strong locking system. And owing to its anti-theft feature, the luggage as well as your phone beeps to alarm you if the luggage is being taken away from you.
  • Built-in Amenities: Now we already know the future of travel involves luggage that goes beyond storage. Jarviz and other smart luggage has a built-in portable USB charger to keep your devices powered up on the go. In addition, the GPS tracker will check on the last live location of your smart luggage.


A Glimpse into the Future of Travel

The concept of Jarviz by Arista Vault represents a significant leap forward in luggage functionality. Certain features might seem futuristic. However, owing to progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, and material science, the lines between science fiction and reality are blurring.

Features a Smart Luggage:

Let’s take a sneak-peek into the perks of a smart luggage -

  • Stay Stress-free: Smart features like self-balancing, self-propulsion and packing assistance significantly reduces travel stress, allowing you to focus on planning your trip and enjoying the adventures.
  • Improved Security: Strong fingerprint locking system, GPS tracker, Anti-theft/ Anti-lost alarms bring you peace of mind, keeping your belongings are safe and secure.
  • More Efficiency: Seamless integration with smart mobile apps can streamline the travel process, saving your precious time.
  • Charging on-the-go: The in-built USB charging port ensures your devices never run out of battery while travelling.
  • A More Personalized Experience: Smart luggage caters to your needs and preferences, making every journey smoother and smarter.


Some frequently asked questions-

What features should I look for in smart luggage?

While choosing a smart luggage, make sure to consider the following aspects to find your perfect match:

  • Durability: The smart luggage must be made from high-quality materials and designed to endure travel rigors and harsh weather conditions.
  • Battery Life: Power backup remains a very important concern during travels. It is crucial for a smart luggage to have charging features lest you completely run out of battery while travelling or get stranded in isolated destinations.
  • Weight and Size: The weight of the smart luggage should comply with airline size restrictions. It should be of lighter weight but at the same time allow you to carry more luggage than an ordinary one. What’s smart otherwise?!
  • Ease of Use: The smart luggage should be connected to the respective app downloaded in your smart phone. There has to be user-friendly features accessible through an optimized mobile app.
  • Additional Compartments: To ensure you leave no essentials behind, your smart luggage must come with extra pockets and compartments so that you pack all your belongings in an organized manner. This also ensures that you get access to your essentials whenever you need.


Can I bring smart luggage as a carry-on?

Yes, you can bring smart luggage as a carry-on, but subject to a few restrictions:

  • Battery Size: Majority of airlines permit smart luggage as carry-on baggage, provided that it does not have a non-removable battery.
  • Carry-on vs. Checked Luggage: Since removable batteries must be capable of being carried on, they cannot be checked through with other pieces of luggage.
  • International Travel: General rules and guidelines differ country to country, so ensure you look at regulations relating to your departure country as well as the destination country.

The Smart Luggage by Arista Vault can be carried as a cabin luggage.

The Road Ahead

Gen-JARVIZ paves the way for exciting advancements in the luggage industry. As technology continues to evolve, features like self-propulsion and smart packing assistance are becoming a reality. Gen-JARVIZ is the dawn of a new era of smart travel companions.

Stay tuned, fellow travelers! The next-gen of luggage is here, and it's looking smart !

Introducing Gen-JARVIZ Luggage – the Gen-Z of the luggage industry that's revolutionizing the way we travel. This cutting-edge luggage solution comes with a promise of quality, resilience, and innovation wrapped in opulence.

With Gen-JARVIZ Luggage, travelling becomes nothing short of a luxury. Designed specifically for the Gen-Z travelers, it pairs perfect harmony of style and utility making it an ideal companion for your wanderlust. Its superior quality and durability makes it a standout in the market.

Gen-JARVIZ isn't just a luggage. It is a smart travel solution designed to cater to the dynamic needs of the Gen-Z. Embrace the future of travel with Gen-JARVIZ Luggage, and experience a journey you'll never forget.

Designed to cater to the needs of Generation Z, our product reinvents the concept of travel luggage. Meticulous attention to detail, advanced technology, and trend-setting design - all come together in our Gen-JARVIZ Luggage to bring a futuristic travel solution.

Our Gen-JARVIZ Luggage is not just any luggage. It's a testament of our commitment to innovation. While the luggage industry has remained stagnant for a while, we dared to dream and introduce something far ahead of its time. We recognized the changing needs of the Gen-Z traveler and rose to the occasion to meet them with finesse.

Whatever your travel needs, our Gen-JARVIZ luggage is up for the challenge. Its robust build ensures durability while its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your travel ensemble. Convenience is the core of our design philosophy. Our luggage delivers on this promise, providing easy to maneuver luggage that makes traveling a breeze.

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and experience the new age of luggage with Gen-JARVIZ. Break away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Express your unique personality and redefine your travel experience with our state-of-the-art Gen-JARVIZ Luggage. The future of luggage is here, and it comes with a name - Gen-JARVIZ.



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