Most frequent questions and answers

Wallet Bot is a smart wallet with special features like distance alarm, phone tracking, anti-theft alarm, anti-lost feature, GPS location, selfie button and many more. It is made up of premium leather and comes with an inbuilt power bank which charges smart phone quickly and never let you lose your phone or wallet.

To connect your phone to the wallet, visit link https://www.aristavault.com/download-form/
Present on the website. You can find the detailed instructions on the “Download App” section in the website.

Main difference between wallet and wallet bot is that wallet bot comes with unique features which connects your mobile with your wallet.Thus, one device will send an alert when disconnected from the other. Just Connect with Wallet Bot and Enjoy Peace!

Power bank capacity is 2500-3000mah. It’s built in with tracker chip inside, cannot be separated from wallet. But if you want a light version then go with ARISTAVAULT FINDER without power bank option.

Tracker is inbuilt with this wallet and it’s very much effective. No need to buy tracker separate. It is an inbuilt feature.

This wallet is splash proof.

Yes it contains Type C connector and iOS connector in box.

Advisable to charge it after the purchase for at least one to two hours (Wallet-Bot classic only).

Weight: 120 Grams, and dimensions: 10 x 8 x 5 cm.

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