Smart wallets are very similar to a daily wallet in the sense that they carry cards, money, change, and Identity cards. However, a smart wallet is connected to a cellular device, typically through Bluetooth, and it helps to keep tabs on its whereabouts. They’re particularly useful for people who usually have a tendency to forget their wallets at home, or worse, tend to lose their wallets.

Usually, the contents of your wallet have a tendency to be highly valuable – cash, debit and credit cards, your license, informations. This is often not the kind of stuff that you simply would want in the wrong hands, that is why a trackable wallet can be a way more reassuring possibility than traditional wallets. Whereas all smart wallets provide some sort of GPS tracking, there are many various brands to decide on from that each offers its unique options.

Choosing a smart wallet can be challenging, however there are so many different brands to choose from! The best thanks to choosing is to understand the many different features offered with trackable wallets. Knowing what these features are and how they will benefit your standard of living will offer you the best plan of that good wallet is that the one for you!!!

Many brands in the market offer a smart wallet, but the best one is ARISTA VAULT. Arista vault manufactures smart wallets with premium quality leather and uses the best technology, by which you can never lose your wallet. Arista vault smart wallets are the best wallet present in the market.

Arista vault products have awesome features like:

  1. Anti-lost/ Anti-theft: Smart wallet has Anti-lost/ Anti-theft Alert alarm. Whenever misplaced or lost your wallet finds your mobile phone and finds your wallet with the help of a Pick-pocket Alarm. 
  2. GPS Tracker: You can easily track your wallet with your mobile map by GPS LOCATOR or Map Tracking feature.
  3. Separation Alarm: An inbuilt alarm that automatically starts ringing with 20 mtr of separation by which you can track your mobile.
  4. Selfie Button: A Selfie button feature is also available in the wallet by which you can click selfies easily with lots of people.
  5. Power charging: Smart wallet has 3000mh power charging capability from this feature you Can charge your phone anywhere.
  6. Design engineered leather: Premium leather that is heatproof and slash-proof specially build for hold electronics.
  7. RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification): By this, every card in your wallet is secure and no one can access them.

These smart features help you to never lose your wallet and mobile again. It can be positioned by GPS Tracker and can be searched in two-ways with the mobile phone to wallet and wallet to mobile phone.

Switch today to the smart wallet with Arista Vault.

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