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Shark Tank India Season 3: UPSC-qualified entrepreneur secures game-changing deal

Arista Vault presented a suite of smart products designed to redefine travel convenience and security. These included anti-lost and...

Zee Business

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Arista Vault Strikes Shark Tank Deal With Smart Travel Solutions

New Delhi (India), February 29: Arista Vault, India's first smart luggage brand and an innovative startup dedicated to redefining the landscape of travel convenience...

Ahmedabad Mirror

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Ticket Collector to UPSC Officer to Shark Tank: Founder Won Rs 45 Lakh for Anti-Theft Luggage Idea

Arista Vault, started in 2018 by Atul Gupta with Purvi Roy, makes anti-theft bags, luggage and wallets, ensuring safe travel.

The Better India

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Shark Tank India 3: Arista Vault Secures Deal With Anupam Mittal, Here's What Happened Next

Arista Vault revolutionizes travel with its innovative products, from smart luggage to stylish travel accessories. Seeking 45 lakhs for...


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Shark Tank India 3 : Arista Vault made a significant impression with its smart luggages where...

Shark Tank India 3 has recently shown a promo of a menstrual pain relief device known as Matri which impressed all the Sharks highly.


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Aavishkari Entrepreneur: Story Of A Wallet That Cannot Be Stolen!

In the latest episode of Aavishkari Entrepreneur, we explore the startup journey of Arista Vault which has integrated technology...


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D2C men’s utility brand Arista Vault onboards Ishant Sharma as its brand ambassador

There couldn't be a greater brand ambassador we could have imagined than Ishant Sharma, who embodies the attitude...

The Financial Express

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Arista Vault appoints Ishant Sharma as brand ambassador

Ishant Sharma has been announced as the brand ambassador of the Indian smart tech luggage entity, Arista Vault.

SportsMint Media

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Arista Vault’s SheBot is connected via an app and can be tracked through the phone in case of theft or loss

Gurgaon-based startup Arista Vault has developed a smart wallet called 'SheBot' for women which can be tracked through the phone...

The Financial Express

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An Army colonel, a fashion designer, and a CA want to keep you 'safe' with their startup

Set up in 2018 by Indian Army veteran Col. KK Singh, fashion designer Purvi Roy, and finance executive Atul Gupta, Delhi-based AristaVault...

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Arista Vault Launches "Follow Me AI Luggage" - A Smart Travel Revolution

The “Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy” is set to transform travel with its remarkable features, including a 10km follow feature, 5km ride-on...

Newz Daddy

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Arista Vault, a pioneering technology firm with 7 patents and 6 trademarks

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