General Instructions For Fingerprint Lock

❖ First, fully charge the fingerprint lock with C-Type charging cable (Green light will glow while charging and once fully charged light will switch off).
❖ Clean your fingers before using.
❖ Initially it will open, with any fingerprint.
❖ Add fingerprint with same or different angles correctly
❖ It can save up to 10 different fingerprints.
❖ Addition & Deletion can be done only with primary or master finger.
❖ Finger print mechanism has lithium ion battery.
❖ Once fully charged, charging last for 15-30 days (note: its totally depend how much you use).

Light Indications

❖ Blue: Successfully reading of the fingerprint and while adding new fingerprints.
❖ Red: incorrect detection of the fingerprints.
❖ Blue – Green: battery is low.
❖ Green: successfully registering the fingerprint.

How to add Fingerprint ?

  1. Long press by master finger till blue light glows.
  2. Tap your fingerprint 8 times on scanner till the green light glows.
  3. Your master fingerprint is saved.