5 Luxe, Smart-Wallets That Make For Amazing Gifts For Any Age And Occasion (LBB) Arista Vault

5 Luxe, Smart-Wallets That Make For Amazing Gifts For Any Age And Occasion (LBB)

If you love creating a smart ecosystem for your life and loved ones, you’ll love our latest find! Arista Vault is a fascinating brand that has found a way to integrate smart technology into daily objects (wallets) in a way that elevates our security and adds a touch of class while doing it. 

They have a range of smart wallets that give you the luxury of not worrying about losing them and come with a bunch of highly useful features that makes us wonder why other wallets don’t have them. It connects to your phone via an app and has a pickpocketing alarm that can be made to go off when either the phone or wallet separates from the other. Anti-loss functionality gives you the ability to track the wallet from the app on your phone using GPS so you don’t have to wake the whole household to find your wallet. You also get RFID-blocking that protects your tap-to-pay cards from unsolicited taps by rouge card machines. Apart from insuring your phone and wallet, you also get other cool features like power backup for your phone, a selfie button on the wallet and Italian leather make (expect them to age like fine wine).

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