Arista Vault | Wallet-bot Classic | Smart wallet | Inbuilt powerbank

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✅ Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm/ Pickpocket Alarm

✅ 3000mAh powercharging

✅ Location Tracking

✅ RFID Protection

✅ Ring my phone/wallet

✅ Design Engineer Premium Leather

✅ Remote Selfie Button

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Classic is one of the best designer wallets for men and comes with an abundance of tech features such as an anti-theft alarm, built-in power bank, two-way tracker, remote selfie feature, RFID protection, and much more. Compatible with Android and IOS.

Anti-lost and anti-theft alarms: This smart wallet  is equipped with advanced security features that alert users if their wallet or phone is 20m away from each other. Reduces the chances of losing or pickpocketing.

Smart power charging: With a 3000 mAh battery, the Arista Vault's smart wallet is capable of charging your mobile phone, so you never have to worry about running out of power.

Location tracking: You can easily track the location of your lost or stolen wallet or phone, making it easier to recover.

Ring my phone: Two way connectivity to ring your phone deom wallet and vice versa.

RFID protection: Safeguard your important information in Arista Wallet that is protected from the mesh like wire structure to protect your date from RFID rays.

Smart selfie feature: The power button in the wallet helps you capture the perfect shot, making it ideal for capturing memories and moments.

Premium design: Arista Vault is engineered with premium leather and a sleek, slim silhouette, making it a stylish and functional accessory.

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We provide full 1 year warranty on all our products.


The Wallet-Bot is a cutting-edge smart wallet that offers a range of innovative features to help you stay connected and organized. It is designed with practicality in mind, and its compact size and sleek design make it easy to carry around.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Arista smart wallet over traditional wallet?

Arista Vault’s smart wallet is a futuristic gadget/accessory with next-gen technological features which makes it impossible for you to lose your crucial belongings kept in the wallet with its anti theft/ anti lost features unlike common traditional wallets.

Where to download the app?

Go to Arista Vault website > Click the “Download App” at the top of the website > Fill in your details to download the app > You will be directed to the video instructions to download.

How to connect my wallet with my phone?

After downloading the app, connect it with the wallet - steps are included in the user manual which can be downloaded from our website in the download app section after filling the information.

Does it work on both Android & IOS?

Yes, all the Arista Vault products are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

How will I know that my wallet/phone is getting stolen or lost?

After the successful connection both your phone & your wallet are secured with a reliable 2-way separation alert which will remind you by ringing both your phone & wallet if they go out of range (10-20m). After the initial alert you will be able to access the lost location of the wallet easily on the tracking app.

How to find my phone if it is on silent?

Arista Vault smart wallet allows you to easily find your phone by ringing it even if it is on silent mode just by double tapping the power button on your smart wallet.

What is RFID theft and Identity theft? How does the wallet protect us from it?

RFID is a radio frequency identification device which can read your card details from a defined range and does not need any additional info. Arista’s smart wallets are designed to save you from identity theft by blocking such RFID rays.

How to claim my warranty?

To get assistance on any issue with your product feel free to reach out to us at +91- 9310831219 or email us at

What to do after I lost my wallet?

Even in the worst case scenario if you’re unable to find your wallet after the separation alarm, you can mark it as lost on the app which will activate the “community search feature”. So whenever your lost device comes in contact with another Arista user’s phone it’ll be notified to you along with the last location.

What is special about Arista vault’s Italian leather?

Arista’s leather goes through a special 7 day tanning process which gives it a perfect blend of quality and endurance to maintain its everlasting shine. Arista’s curated full grain leather is the ultimate premium quality leather.