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A Journey of Cabin Luggage Transformation: A Traveler's Tale

Introducing Mr. Atul Gupta the Cofounder of Arista Vault, an experienced traveler whose insatiable wanderlust originates from his frequent professional journeys. Atul is a regular business traveler who takes quick flights to go to important meetings and conferences.

With his heavy and hard-to-carry cabin luggage, Atul was having trouble adjusting to the challenges it brought with it. Efficiency is key while traveling for business, and Atul's antique luggage ended up being more of a liability than a benefit. Getting across airport terminals and business centers while carrying heavy luggage became a massive task.

The ongoing battle with the chaotic luggage became a metaphor for the difficulties faced by many passengers as we followed Atul on his journey. The difficult task of managing heavy cabin baggage in addition to the regular business visits negatively impacted Atul's efficiency and entire traveling experience.

Atul thought it was time for a change after getting frustrated with fighting troublesome luggage at crowded airports. It had become tiring to constantly lift, balance, and handle the old luggage. Then, as a smart Aristian, he came upon a game-changing solution: cabin luggage that offered the convenience of use together with an exceptional follow-me feature.

Bring in the new era of travel convenience with cabin luggage that follows you effortlessly and doesn't require heavy lifting. Atul was aware that his travel experiences would change significantly after learning about this smart and simple-to-use luggage.

Come along as I narrate to you how problems arise and how it is only enjoyable to solve societal problems. Additionally, several fascinating functions of the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy will be revealed to you.

Cabin Luggage


Know About Cabin Luggage

Cabin luggage, sometimes referred to as carry-on luggage, is any small bag or suitcase that passengers are permitted to bring inside the cabin of an airplane. These suitcases are made to slide beneath seats or into overhead bins for convenient access when flying.


Some information on cabin bag or carry-on luggage: if you wish to bring cabin luggage, there are certain restrictions and guidelines that you must adhere to. You should confirm the precise limitations or restrictions with the airlines you are traveling with. Overall, there are some limitations on weight, size, typical measurements, and liquids, among other things. Recognize the important travel rules for bringing cabin suitcase on airplanes as well.   


A vital component of air travel is cabin luggage, which provides passengers with the comfort of having necessities close at hand throughout the journey. Making lite and compact packing and cabin bag selections will help ensure a more seamless and comfortable flying experience.

Allow me to introduce a cabin luggage which will make your life easy and hassle-free. 


Cabin Luggage Made My Life Easy

"As an avid traveler, I've always recognized the importance of functional and hassle-free luggage, particularly for flight. One of our co-founder's close friends stated, "I recently came upon a game-changer in the travel gear industry which not just redefines the concept of cabin luggage but also adds a touch of futuristic innovation." 

Presenting Arista Vault's most recent creation, the "Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy"—a revolutionary tool that might completely transform how we travel.

Introducing the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy: A Traveler's Dream


Cabin Luggage

Unleashing the Features 

  1. Autonomous Following:

   - Following you around on its own, wherever you go, is one of the most impressive aspects of the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy. It's never been easier to navigate a busy airport; just leave the luggage behind and concentrate on having fun on the trip.

  1. Self-Balancing Technology:

   - You no longer have to worry about your luggage tumbling over. The record-breaking invention from Arista Vault features self-balancing technology to guarantee that your belongings remain upright and safe even on uneven surfaces.

  1. Hop-On Travel:

   - Ever wanted to be carried by your bags rather than the other way around? You can fulfill your wish with the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy. Long walks through the airport will be effortless when you can easily go up to 5 kilometers with your luggage. Fearful of the weight restriction? Do not fear. With its strong and durable body, it can support up to 120 kg of weight. 

  1. GPS Tracking for Airport Prompt:

   - Say goodbye to the annoying wait at the luggage carousel. With the GPS tracking that the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy, has, you can use the Arista Tracker mobile app to monitor its whereabouts in real-time. As your luggage approaches, get an airport prompt to help you leave the airport quickly and without trouble. Please not that this feature can only be enabled by pairing our tracker with the luggage which is also available on check for Smart Key Chain or Smart Bag-Tag in smart accessories category. 

Switch2Smart Travel with Arista Vault


Cabin Luggage


The Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy by Arista Vault provides a travel experience that is new and goes beyond ordinary luggage. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this smart travel companion becomes more than just a travel accessory—it becomes a buddy that understands and projects your travel preferences. 


Whether it's navigating through congested airports, giving real-time GPS position updates, or providing a hassle-free, hands-free travel alternative with its self-balancing and following capabilities, the luggage can react flexibly to changing scenarios thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence. 


When you use Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy, traveling becomes more than just getting to your destination—it becomes a smooth, customized travel experience where your luggage serves as more than just storage—it becomes an intelligent, helpful travel buddy. With the smart luggage innovation of Arista, travel expectations can be improved.


The Future of Carry-on Luggage

 Cabin Luggage

The Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy from Arista Vault, which combines innovative technology and comfort. Additionally, it is at an early stage of an exciting new phase in travel. 


This smart carry-on luggage exceeds the idea of a normal travel bag, entirely transforming the travel experience. It is a smart and flexible travel buddy. Imagine if your luggage did more than just follow you around, it would be able to navigate through crowded airports with ease, adapt to your speed, and even provide a comfortable spot to rest when you need it. 


The Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy is a dynamic solution that changes the travel experience, not just a bag for your belongings. It combines fashion, value, and artificial intelligence to take your travel experience to new heights of style and luxury. Arista Vault can help you travel smartly.


The Innovation-Driven Mission of Arista Vault

The Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy is just one illustration of Arista Vault's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in travel accessories. By combining advanced technology with practicality, the company created a product that not only satisfies but exceeds the expectations of the stylish traveler.

Picture a traveling partner who not only holds your belongings but also immediately adjusts to your schedule. By expertly combining the latest developments with an element of smart design, we have produced a product that meets the demands of today's travelers.

Are you eager to have a unique vacation experience? Come see us at, where your travel and innovation combine. Reimagine your trip with Arista, one smart innovation at a time.


Watching how travel gear has changed over the years, I can say the fact that the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy is a very innovative technology that makes traveling easier and more fun. Arista Vault changed the idea of cabin luggage with its automated following, self-balancing technology, hop-on travel function, remarkable weight capacity, and GPS tracking.


So it's time to switch if you're exhausted from battling with oversized, bulky cabin bags. Go on a journey where your luggage serves as more than just a travel companion—rather, it becomes an intelligent and smart friend that makes your travels easy and pleasurable—when you Switch2Smart with Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy. Use Arista Vault to travel intelligently. 


How does the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy follow you?

This intelligent companion adapts to your pace, providing hands-free navigation through airports effortlessly. With groundbreaking AI, the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy is more than luggage, it's a smart travel partner, redefining convenience on your journey.

Can I ride on the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy?

Hop-on and travel effortlessly with the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy. Cover up to 10 kilometers with ease, as it gracefully supports a remarkable 120 kg, making your journey stress-free and enjoyable.

How does the GPS tracking work for airport prompt?

Maximize the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy's potential by pairing it with the Arista Tracker through our Smart Key Chain or Smart Bag-Tag, available on Receive real-time GPS updates seamlessly via the Arista Tracker mobile app.

Is the Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy only for business travelers?

No! The Follow Me AI Luggage Buddy is designed for all travelers, catering to both business and leisure trips. It ensures an effortless, intelligent, and comfortable travel experience for anyone seeking the next level of smart travel gear.

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