Best gift for women Arista Vault

Best gift for women

It is very difficult to choose the best gift for mom. Nowadays many online resources are available and it is very confusing to choose a good quality and safe long-term gift. Now this problem is solved by Arista Vault. Arista Vault recently made a product specially for women “SHE-BOT“. It is a safe and anti-theft anti-lost smart wallet.

she bot wallet


It has many features like a GPS locator/ tracker it means you can connect your phone to your wallet. It also helps you to find your location through your wallet. It also has the feature of a Separation alarm that alerts you when you go 20 meters far away from the wallet then both your phone and wallet start ringing. This feature also helps you avoid losing your smartphone. The smart wallet has a feature of the Selfie Button from this feature you can take a selfie through your wallet without the phone even with a single click. The Smart wallet also has a feature of 3000mah in-built power bank in it from this feature you can charge your phone through your wallet anywhere. The smart wallet is made up of premium quality leather. This smart wallet has an anti-theft/ anti-lost alarm.
This wallet also provides RFID protection this feature saves your card from cyber attack.

You can easily buy these products from AMAZON or ARISTA VAULT website.

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