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Introduction: In our daily busy schedule life we all face a problem of misplacing our home/office keys anywhere outside temerity. Sometimes we keep the keys at any place in our home and forget that where is key placed when we go outside from home. But technology grows and gives you the solution to every problem. A new startup Arista vault makes the smart key chains that are anti-lost and anti-theft. This is a made-in-India product. Smart key chains have inbuilt smart features like a tracker in them. A few of the smart features of the key chains are mentioned below:


  • Anti-loss/Anti-theft alert: Anti-loss /Anti-theft alerts you when going far away from this smart key chain it alerts you by ringing an alert alarm on your phone.
  • Separation alarm: Smart kay chain has a separation alarm feature that starts ringing when you go out of range from the key chain.
  • Pick-Pocketing Alert: Smart key chain is connected to your phone via “itrack easy app” and gives you a pickpocketing alarm when you and your phone go away 20 meters from it.
  • Colors available:  Smart key chain available in yellow-blue, Pink-Black, and Brown colours.
  • Available on: Amazon and you can also buy it from our official website
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How much price in this smart key chain ?

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