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Father’s Day Story : Personalities of different kinds of Dads

Father's Day is observed all around the world to honor dads' contributions and hard work in ensuring the well-being of their children. Father's Day honors male parenting, paternal relationships, and fatherhood. Although it is celebrated on various dates around the world, many countries as well as India observe it on the third Sunday in June.

Father's Day serves as a reminder of both the importance and the trials of fatherhood. Fathers don't always get the same sense of closeness and admiration as we have for our moms. Fathers do have the societal image of being the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, and the authority figure. Our culture has traditionally placed fathers in a tough position. They must be distant but close, work hard but be there, and be compassionate but strict.

This Father’s Day selects the best personality-specific best smart gifts for dad that are useful and save a lot of hustle & stress. Tell me how many times we’ve gifted our fathers something meaningful & useful other than that same old cliche “Shaving Kits”. Never, right? It's time to upgrade to a new generation of gifts for your father with the next generation of smart gifts in the form of a premium & smart leather wallet for men.

Personalities of Different kinds of Dads:

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The Classy Dad:- First on our list are the classy dads, the ones who are the Top Gun in the sphere & their personality defines their inner class & elegance. He is the alpha of his surroundings & he’s the man of culture. He likes to dress classy, talk calmly, prefers high-end luxury stuff  & certain other things are there to speak aloud about his personality then trust me Classic Wallet can be their perfect companion. The Classic smart leather wallet for men is the best suitable accessory that your dad will ever need.

The Clumsy Dad:- Coming to the next personality, we all have seen our fathers who are very clumsy and careless with their stuff. They love doing cool things but somehow end up in a messy situation like losing their stuff. Finder Wallet with smart anti-lost features is the right choice for the ones who have a clumsy personality & for those who have a hard time keeping looking for their misplaced stuff like phone, wallet, etc because it's like their much needed personal assistant that takes care of his belongings & saves a lot of stress for them.

The Cool Dad:- On the third & one of the most interesting personalities, we have the ones who are the trendsetters, who like to carry themselves with a ton of style & they never hesitate to try something new. We’re talking about some of the coolest dads we all have. Intellux Blu should be your go-to choice if you’re looking to add to your dad's personality. Your search is over if you usually have a hard time looking for gifts for your Cool Dad.

The Casual Dad:- For the ones who like to be a little laid back, simple & a bit low-key. Someone who doesn't like flashy things but has more of a simplistic yet creative touch to their things. RFID Wallet is the perfect match for such dads who don’t want the spotlight because they love to keep playing their roles backstage and don’t like to show off their stuff but are more likely to be more simplistic yet elegant & stylish.

Identify the right personality that suits your father and accordingly gift them the right smart products that provide a sense of safety, security & luxury this Father’s Day with Arista Vault's smart range of wallets that are your perfect gifting companion and add up to your value in the eyes of your Father. Also, use the code “FATHERS20” at the time of checkout to get a flat 20% discount on the father’s day collection.

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