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Next-Gen Smart Leather Wallets with GPS For Youngsters!

The age of the Gen-Z is here & we can’t even imagine the world without the important contribution of the youngsters. India is also a country with a tremendous population of youngsters. According to UN demographic projections, the global youth population (15-29 years) is estimated to be 1.8 billion. Every fifth of the world's young (or 20 percent) lives in India (366 million), demonstrating the country's relevance to this demographic. The world can’t imagine its existence without the youth, so do we at Arista Vault, that's why we came up with this exclusive smart leather wallet for youngsters & travelers which helps safeguard the important belongings of the youth to save a lot of stress for them.

It's time to get the smart generation of youngsters even smarter with the Intellux Blue Smart Wallet for men.

Intellux Blue Finder Smart Wallet for Men:-

traveler wallet

Completely crafted and designed with Italian quality leather by the country's finest craftsmen, the wallet can be easily said to be one of the most iconic, stylish, trendy, smart & pure leather wallets for men.

It's the slickest travel wallet in a bright young blue colour with a power button and a blend of tech and design. It's the perfect gift for your loved ones who enjoy traveling. The slimmest wallet to date with a large carrying capacity in a simple pocket-fitting style. It can be located using a GPS tracker and can be searched in two ways using a mobile phone. 

It also has a separation alarm of 20-meters so whenever your phone & your wallet will have a separation of more than 20-meters both of them will ring, also you can track the last location of your wallet using the mobile app through which it gets connected to your phone.


  • GPS Enabled Location Tracker
  • Design Engineer Blue
  • Premium Leather Smart Card Slot
  • 20-metre separation
  • Alert Anti-Theft Alarm
  • RFID Protected
  • Remote Selfie Button
  • GPS Battery Life Warranty- 24 Months

Intellux blu

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