What to do when you lose your wallet? : The Age of Smart Wallets in India Arista Vault

What to do when you lose your wallet? : The Age of Smart Wallets in India

In metro cities and even in smaller cities the issue of losing your wallet somewhere or getting your wallet stolen is a very huge and disastrous problem that each one of us must have gone through sometime. If not wallet then your phone maybe or  there can be a constant fear of losing your stuff & belongings  whenever you’re in a crowd or even in your home you keep losing your stuff and face a lot of stress finding your things. These are some day-to-day problems we all face on a regular basis. Don’t worry, we've come up with a solution to all those problems and we’re here to serve you a sense of safety & save you a lot of stress.

So the first step is self awareness in order to do that ask yourself & the people around you that

Have You Ever Lost Your Wallet?

Ask this question to yourself and people around you and you’ll be surprised to know how big of a problem it is that we don't even realize that there’s a huge need for something that solves this problem for us. The aftermath of the theft or loss of your wallet/phone brings a tremendous amount of anxious moments of tensity that can even turn into a breach of your mental peace. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones again. Get Arista Vault smart technological & innovative solutions to these problems.

Classic Smart Anti-lost/Anti-theft Leather Wallet with GPS for Men:-

wallet with charger

Get Arista Vault slim & smart leather wallet for men crafted with premium & high quality Italian leather by the most skilled & experienced leather craftsmen in India. The wallet just doesn't only have the technology but it’s also a luxury accessory for men that has an inbuilt GPS tracking chip which gets connected to your phone through an app and once connected all the features get activated. The wallet is loaded with a ton of features including 2-way connectivity that activates the 20-metre separation alarm so that whenever your phone & your wallet will be separated for more than 20-metres both your phone & your wallet will ring.

Even in the worst case scenario if someone ran away with your wallet you can easily track down your wallet using the inbuilt GPS. Also, it protects you from RFID thefts & frauds that are getting quite common with the passage of time even in India.


  • Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm
  • Two Way Alarm / Pickpocketing Alarm
  • Location Tracking
  • 3000 mah Power Charging
  • 20 Metre Separation Alarm
  • RFID Protection
  • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather
  • Remote Selfie Button

Buy now & get up to 40% off along with the doorstep free delivery pan India. Also, it's Arista Vault’s 4th anniversary so get an exclusive anniversary edition gift complimentarily.  Hurry Up offer lasts till April only. Get your hands on the need of the hour and the choice of the new generation smart companion in the form of a luxury wallet for men.

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