Smart Steal Festival

Smart Steal Festival: Arista Vault's Smart Wallets, Bags & Combos


Arista Vault Smart Steal Festival is an exciting event that offers customers a fantastic opportunity to grab their favorite smart wallet models, including the Wallet Bot Finder and RFID wallet, at discounted prices. 

In addition to smart wallets, this festival also features fantastic deals on various products such as the Fingerlock Bag, Croc Textured Bag, Pure Leather Fingerlock Laptop Bag, Techbag, and Laptop Backpacks. What's more, customers can enjoy unbeatable value with a selection of exciting combos at affordable prices. Be sure to mark this festival and visit to avail yourself of some exciting offers now. 

Smart wallets and smart bags have become essential accessories in modern life. They blend fashion with technology, offering convenience and security. With features like tracking and anti-theft protection, they simplify daily routines and provide peace of mind. "Experience Arista Vault's Mission: Travel with Peace of Mind, Choose Your Companion, We've Got Your Back!"

Smart Wallet by Arista Vault in Smart Steal Festival

Arista Vault's Smart Wallets redefine the concept of everyday accessories, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology. Beyond traditional card and cash storage, these wallets incorporate advanced features such as tracking and anti-theft mechanisms, ensuring the safety of your essentials.

At Arista Vault, we understand that style is a highly personal choice. That's why we offer a diverse selection of Smart Wallets, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Whether your taste leans towards a timeless and understated look or you prefer something more vibrant and attention-grabbing, we have the perfect Smart Wallet to match your preferences. Our Smart Wallets not only provide impeccable organization but also elevate your style game, proving that fashion and functionality can coexist seamlessly.

Explore our range of Smart Wallets, including the Wallet-bot Classic with an inbuilt power bank priced at just Rs. 5,999.00, and our RFID Wallets available in sleek Black and stylish Brown for Rs. 1,799.00. For those looking to stay connected, consider the Wallet-bot Finder, a trackable wallet priced at Rs. 4,999.00, or our Ultra-Slim Wallet-Bot Classic in a sleek Black finish, also priced at Rs. 5,999.00. And that's just the beginning! Don't miss out on our Tru-Blu Duo smart wallet for Rs. 1,599.00 or the Traveller wallet with a 20-meter separation alarm and anti-theft features, available at Rs. 4,599.00. 

Explore these and many more options of Smart Wallets at exciting prices during our Smart Steal Festival. Your perfect style companion awaits!

Incorporating Smart Technology In Arista Vault Smart Bag

  • Explore the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology within Arista Vault's bags.
  • Highlight the numerous benefits of utilizing tech-infused bags.

Fusion of Style and Functionality

  • Delve into the innovative design and practicality offered by smart bags.
  • Examine how these bags cater to the demands of modern lifestyles, providing a blend of fashion and functionality.

Arista Vault's collection of tech-enabled bags is a testament to their commitment to delivering advanced solutions. Among their offerings, the Arista Vault Croc-Textured Finger Lock Smart Laptop Bag stands out. Priced at Rs. 6,999.00 which is an exclusive limited-time offer in the smart steal festival sale, this croc-textured bag is available in a range of stylish colors including Blue, Black, Brown, and Royal Blue. 

Get the newly launched Arista Vault Finger Lock Smart Laptop Bag Brown

at an exclusive price of just Rs. 6,999.00. This is a limited-time deal carrying the fusion of style and tech pure leather laptop bag with a fingerlock. 

The Neo-Tech Smart Laptop Bag priced at Rs. 4,199.00, and the Arista Vault TechBag FingerLock Laptop Bag priced at Rs. 9,499.00, further exemplify Arista Vault's dedication to blending fashion with technology. Last but not least, the Arista Vault Smart-Pac Fingerlock Smart Backpacks, also priced at Rs. 9,499.00, offer an intelligent solution for those on the move. These products showcase Arista Vault's commitment to providing innovative and stylish options for tech-savvy individuals, be it laptop bags for men or women. 

The above-mentioned prices of each product are subject to change as it is part of the ongoing smart steal festival sale and the prices may vary afterward because it is a limited-time deal. Hurry up and gift yourself or your loved ones a blend of fashion and technology. Upgrade your lifestyle by Switching to smart products like smart bags or smart wallets by Arista Vault.  

Smart Steal Festival - Unbelievable Combos Await!

Discover the Magic of Festive Combos

  • Dive into the world of festive combos at this smart steal festival and unlock incredible savings.
  • Explore the exciting combo options designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Irresistible Combo Delights

  • Prepare to be amazed by our exclusive combos, carefully curated to deliver unmatched value.
  • Embrace the opportunity to upgrade your tech-savvy lifestyle with these unbeatable combos:

  • Genz Fingerlock Bag + BagTag Combo
  • Get the Genz Fingerlock bag and the BagTag for an incredible steal at just ₹7,999.00. Your essentials will thank you!

  • BagTag + Smartpac Laptop Bag Combo
  • Elevate your on-the-go experience with the BagTag and Smartpac laptop bag combo, yours for only ₹9,999.00.

  • Wallet Bot Finder Smart Wallet + Techbag Laptop Bag Combo
  • Secure your valuables with the Wallet Bot Finder smart wallet and pair it with the Techbag laptop bag featuring finger lock technology, all for an enticing ₹11,999.00.

  • Wallet Bot Classic Smart Wallet + Smartpac Tech Bag Combo
  • Don't miss the chance to grab the Wallet Bot Classic smart wallet and the Smartpac tech-enhanced laptop bag for a jaw-dropping ₹12,999.00.

    These combos are your ticket to an upgraded, tech-savvy lifestyle without breaking the bank. Join the Smart Steal Festival at Arista Vault, where incredible value meets unbeatable prices!

    Perks of Joining the Arista Vault Smart Family

    Peace of Mind

    • Arista Vault's products offer unmatched security, with features like RFID protection and GPS tracking ensuring your belongings are safe and sound.
    • Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with knowing your essentials are protected, even on the go.

    Style and Innovation

    • Arista Vault's products seamlessly blend style and innovation, making a bold fashion statement while enhancing your tech-savvy lifestyle.
    • Elevate your daily routines with accessories that are not just functional but also set trends in the world of fashion and technology.

    Visit to avail offer prices and check out our products to get extra benefits. 

    Don't miss Arista Vault's Smart Steal Festival! Enjoy incredible offers on smart wallets, bags, and unbeatable combos. Elevate your style and security with tech-infused accessories. It's your chance to embrace innovation and savings. Join the festival now and experience the future of fashion and technology!

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