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For a long time, we all have a habit to lose our wallet and then turn the whole house upside down in turn to locate it. The wallet is one of the main necessities of our daily life since it is very important to keep our personal belongings safe and all together. From putting up our necessary travel documents to money and cards we require a wallet. If you are also bothered with this wallet or phone losing problem in your daily life then technology is here to solve this problem. The only thing that you need to add to your life is a smart wallet. Smart wallets make your pockets smart pockets, they are not only easy to find but also you can keep track of your mobile phone with your wallet. Arista Vault is here with a highly precocious product-  Wallet -Bot.

Never lose your wallet and mobile again, How?

Find it out here : Benefits of Using  Wallet –Bot (Smart wallet)-

  • Anti lost/ Anti  theft: Smart wallet has Anti lost/ Anti-theft Alert alarm . Whenever misplaced or lost your wallet finds your mobile phone and finds your wallet with the help of Pick-pocket Alarm. 
  • GPS Tracker: You can easily track your wallet with your mobile map by GPS LOCATOR or Map Tracking feature.
  • Separation Alarm: An inbuilt alarm which automatically starts ringing with 20mtr of separation by which you can track your mobile.
  • Selfie Button: A  Selfie  button feature is also available in the wallet by which you can click selfie easily with lots of people.
  • Power charging: Smart wallet has 3000mh power charging capability from this feature you Can charge your phone anywhere .
  • Design engineered leather: Premium leather that is heat proof and slash proof specially build for hold electronics.

These smart features helps you to never lose your wallet and mobile again. It can be positioned by GPS Tracker and can be searched in two-ways with the mobile phone to wallet and wallet to mobile phone.

Switch to the smart wallet with Arista Vault.

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