Top 5 Must Have Smart Travel Accessories for Travellers & Commuters | Arista Vault Smart Product Range

Top 5 Must Have Smart Travel Accessories for Travellers & Commuters | Arista Vault Smart Product Range

Need for Smart Travel Accessories: - 

When you have a reliable arsenal of travel accessories, packing for a trip becomes far less stressful & way easier. In fact, you may look forward to returning your travel accessory kit after a trip, knowing that it will be waiting for you in all of its organized glory when you embark on your next adventure. Finding the ideal travel accessories is another matter entirely—but we're here to help. 

Feeling at ease, no matter where you are, it is very much essential for a successful vacation. When you’ve limited space for the necessities it can be a bit difficult, that’s why we’ve included very useful, smart & accessories that can save your day while traveling. So, go into these suggestions knowing that our goal is to provide you with a safe & secure travel experience with a set of smart products which will come in handy.

Top 5 Travel Accessories for a Safer & Enjoyable Trip:

1. Smart Leather Bag-Tag:-

smart accessories

This compact & smart leather bag tag can be your perfect travel companion & your go-to travel accessories in order to keep your luggage & other stuff safe & sound without you worrying about it. Arista Vault’s smart trackable leather bag tag gets attached to your travel bags easily using its premium brass hooks. Now travel effortlessly without keeping an eye on your luggage for its safety because we got you covered with that. This cool bag tag comes in a cool vintage premium leather crafted design which not only looks very good as a travel gadget but also serves you the right purpose of safety & security.


  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft alert (20m)
  • Ring my bag tag/phone 
  • Location Tracker
  • Selfie button
  • Colours available: Blue-Yellow, Brown
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • Battery Life:12 Months Battery

2. Smart Keychain/ Trackable Tag:-

smart key chain

These cool tags like smart keychains are the next big deal of the travel industry, you’re seriously missing out a lot if you’re a travel geek & haven’t bought it yet. This smart keychain has cool features like find my device which allows you to easily find your keys or bags whenever you need them with just a few clicks on your phone. Furthermore, its anti-lost mechanism makes it impossible to lose as it connects to your phone and will remind you by dropping an alarm on both your phone and itself after detecting a 20-metre separation from your phone. So let us worry about keeping your belongings safe. Also it can be a perfect gift for the upcoming Christmas gifting in 2022.


  • Ring Your Keychain /Phone
  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft Alert (20m)
  • Location Tracker
  • Selfie Button
  • Replaceable Battery    
  • Luxury Packaging
  • 1-Year Warranty

3. Smart GPS Enabled Leather Wallet with Inbuilt Power-bank:-

smart finder wallet

Let us start with a question, Have you ever lost your wallet? Or have a fear of losing it whenever you’re in a crowded place. Don’t worry you’re not an exception, almost 1/3rd of the world’s population suffers from this fear of missing out on their wallet or phone. To solve this problem, Arista Vault has developed an anti-lost/anti-theft wallet to protect your wallet’s precious belongings like bank cards, IDs & cash which is very much necessary while traveling from getting stolen or lost with its one-of-a-kind location tracking mechanism along with keeping your phone battery charged during long travels. When it comes to smart wallets for men, Arista wallet is a go-to option.

Also, the wallet is made up of Italian leather which serves you the right purpose of luxury while providing you safety along with providing you the feeling of owning luxury fashion & travel accessories.


  • Anti-theft/Anti-lost alarm 
  • 20-metre Separation Alarm
  • 3000 mAH Inbuilt Power-bank
  • Location Tracking
  • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather 
  • Remote Selfie Button
  • RFID Protection
  • Available in 2 Colour Options

4. Smart Trackable Leather Wallet for Women:-

smart women's leather wallet

Now our list doesn’t end without including something really cool & smart for our bold ladies or what we call them in Arista Vault, the she-gang. Introducing She-Bot, which is a next-generation leather wallet for women which protects the belongings kept in your wallet with its smart anti-lost/anti-theft protection mechanism packed in a compact high-quality accessory & the best leather wallet for women. With some of the most innovative & cool technological features, such as an anti-lost/anti-theft separation alarm, location tracking features, and RFID protection, you can be protected from all types of theft and loss.


  • 20m Separation Alert
  • Ring my wallet/phone 
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • RFID Protection
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather
  • Luxury Packaging

5. Smart Compact Trackable Leather Wallet: -

Intellux blue leather wallet for men

This smart & compact trackable leather wallet for men comes in a poppy blue color that gives it a unique look & also the product is crafted with Italian-quality leather which gives it a luxury feel & the compact design makes easy-to-carry accessory while travelling.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore all these smart ranges of products at & shop for your favourite one at the earliest to make your travel effortless & more enjoyable than ever before.

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