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Ishant Sharma | The Brand Ambassador


ARISTA VAULT being India’s first Smart Luggage brand of India aims to provide the best to everyone. We aim to give the best thus we join our hands with the best. Being the first Smart Luggage brand of India, Arista also wants the best to join this changing revolution and be a part in making people aware about it . Thus, Arista  Vault would like to announce its collaboration with one of the top pacers of India cricket team ISHANT SHARMA.

Ishant sharma


In today’s daily hustle it is very difficult to keep your belongings safe and secure. You can be travelling in metro, cab or even in plain, losing your belongings is one of the most common problems that even pros like Ishant Sharma have to face. To solve this problem we have been working since 2018. With the fusion of technology and luxury, we have found the best solution to the most common problem, being the first in India with Wallet-Bot Classic, a Smart Wallet making it easy to track your Wallet. 

Slowly and gradually the switch from a simple and ordinary wallet to smart and luxurious wallets has been a great change for many people. Not just a solution but it has also been the most unique gift that  people have been

giving in the corporate world. Until we got to know that not just common people but hustlers like Ishant Sharma are in need of our product. Once, when Ishant Sharma was travelling to Ireland, he lost his kit, making it very difficult for him to survive in that situation without his belongings. In one of his interviews he even quoted “ I wish there  was some kind of device that could find my lost kit and save me from all the trouble”. Well Ishant now you don't have to worry because Arista Vault has  come up with the solution to your problem.

 Ishant sharma with Arista Vault


On Saturday, 25th March, he was talking about how he lost his lost kit bag before an essential match. 

On the very next day, Arista Vault used that clip and posted a planned reel featuring Ishant Sharma. In their video, they tried to tell Ishant Sharma how he can use their products to never lose his belongings again. To this, Ishant Sharma’s fans started tagging the cricketer to see whether the brand is using his video ethically or not. The  very same day Ishant Sharma posted a video lashing us out regarding it.

But this was a well planned Arista Vault controversy to create a buzz among people about the collaboration. Soon after all this tactical planning and execution, Ishant Sharma and Arista Vault posted an Instagram Reel. The reel was the official announcement of Ishant Sharma being the brand ambassador of Arista Vault- India’s First Smart Luggage Brand.

IPL is around the corner and the first match of Delhi capitals will be on 1st April 2023. Being a homegrown brand, Arista Vault utilises perfect timing to disclose its Brand Ambassador, Ishant Sharma, a Delhi Capitals Player.

Ishant Sharma Vs Arista Vault 


One common thing that makes Ishant a perfect Brand ambassador for our brand is that we both strive for excellence. For a brand that is Made In India, there can’t be a better personality than Ishant, who has made the nation proud with all his dedication and hard work. Ishant himself added that the premium touch and the utmost precision that Arista Vault added to its innovation is what convinced him to join hands. 


Arista Vault clicked perfectly with Ishant Sharma as could relate to his incident of losing his kit bag while travelling to Ireland. He hoped Arista Vault would have been with him at that time, making it easy for him to find it. Joining hands with Arista he knows that he can make many hustlers aware of it so that they don't have to go through what he did. 


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