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International Women’s Day Special

Every year on March 8th, everyone around the globe celebrates International Women’s Day. All the women who have come so far and have always been there as a support system for their family, friends, and themselves are appreciated for the contribution they have made.



Every year, Women's Day is celebrated with much love and passion, with women being showered with the best and most unique gifts for women. They are made to feel special and  honored for the work they have been doing. These wonderful women have been working so hard and have entered every field.



This day shows how far women have reached in all fields, be it education, politics, sports, finance, or technology, and how important their contributions are either professionally or personally in everyone’s life. Even today, many women in India have made significant contributions in a variety of fields. Today, we will tell you about many of these unknown heroes in their field that everyone knows about and celebrate not just today but every day.



Captain Harpreet Chandi, an Indian-origin British Sikh Army officer, and physiotherapist, created history by becoming the first woman of color to complete a solo, unsupported trek to the South Pole.



DCP Shweta Chauhan is Central Delhi’s first woman DCP at the prime age of 45 years.



In September 2022, Harmanpreet Kaur became the first Indian woman cricketer to win the ICC Player of the Month award.



Seema Devi became the first woman e-rickshaw driver in Jammu and Kashmir.



Captain Zoya Agarwal, a senior Air India pilot, has become the first Indian woman to fly over the North Pole, covering a distance of approximately 16,000 kilometers. Also, she has become the only person to find a unique place in San Francisco’s SFO Aviation Museum, as per the TOI report.



Like this, there are so many women who have been achieving so much in every field. But one observation everyone must have made is that even today there are not many women in science and technology. Only about 34% of women work overall in the IT industry. Though there has been some growth every year, this field still requires more women to enter it.



One of the major reasons this is the case is that there are many women and girls who do not show much interest in this field.



This year the theme of IWD 2023 is "Digit ALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality." This theme would be a great step towards more women entering the IT industry. It is a step towards the naturalization of gender in this field. The theme’s main agenda is to have a gender-responsive approach to innovation, technology, and digital education to increase the participation of women in this field.



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