What to Gift this Christmas? | Best Gifts for Christmas & New Year in December 2022

What to Gift this Christmas? | Best Gifts for Christmas & New Year in December 2022

Christmas is one of the world's most popular and widely observed holidays. Christmas is a time to gather with family and friends to share special traditions. But have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas? What is the origin of the holiday, and why is it celebrated? And why gifting plays a major role in celebrating the greatest festival of the season? All the questions will be answered while giving you some of the coolest & best gifts for Christmas & new year in December 2022.

It's the story of Christmas. Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians each year on December 25th as the birthday of Jesus Christ, whom they believe is God's son, but Christmas isn't just celebrated by Christians in the modern-day world. It is a holiday that is being celebrated by many people all over the world, including India on a huge scale as well. Every year, it is regarded as a special day when family and friends gather to spend quality time together, embracing their bond of love & care for each other while exchanging gifts & blessings with one another. 

Now gifting plays a very important role in the grand celebration of Christmas. Selecting a gift that everyone would love while giving them a glimpse of your care whenever they see or use it is a very challenging task. Because no one wants to gift those regular century old gifting products like flowers, cakes & chocolates, etc. Don’t ever go for those gifts again instead give something meaningful, unique & anything that holds a significant value.

Best Christmas Gifts in December 2022

If you really want to give something very useful & unique as your Christmas gift then Arista Vault’s smart products can be a perfect choice & a fruitful end to your lookout journey. The smart products that are loaded with next-generation technological features can save you a lot of stress & time by serving you the right kind of safety & security for your belongings including your IDs, bank cards, expensive phones & your hard-earned cash as well. 

Featured Products: -

Smart Anti-lost/Anti-theft Leather Wallet with Inbuilt Power Bank

Smart leather wallet for men in Christmas 2022

Packed to perfection in a luxurious jewelry box inspired by premium matte black packaging, Arista’s Classic Wallet-Bot holds the prime position of the flagship product in the whole product line. The wallet comes with an inbuilt power bank of 3000 mah to keep you in–charge all the time. Also, this wallet is crafted out of design-engineered premium Italian quality leather which shines more than ever before as time passes by.

Now leave the hustle of keep checking your pockets for your phone or wallet because this tech-enable leather wallet for men gives you a separation alarm as it detects separation of more than 20-meters to both your phone & your smart wallet allowing you to find them easily & eliminates the situation of losing your phone or wallet.


  • Anti-theft/Anti-lost alarm 
  • 20-metre Separation Alarm
  • 3000 mAH Inbuilt Power-bank
  • Location Tracking
  • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather 
  • Remote Selfie Button
  • RFID Protection
  • Available in 2 Colour Options


She-Bot Smart Leather Wallet for Women

Best gift for Christamas 2022 & New Year

Made by the skillful hands of one of the finest & experienced Indian leather craftsmen & elegantly designed by international product designers. She-Bot is the perfect choice for the graceful ladies out there. This leather wallet for women is packed with the unbelievable tech updates of the decade. Now you can leave the stress of keeping an eye on your wallet & its belongings all the time, your wallet will do that for you. With some of the coolest technological features like anti-lost/anti-theft separation alarm, location tracking features, RFID protection which can protect you from all kinds of theft & loss.


  • 20m Separation Alert
  • Ring my wallet/phone 
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • RFID Protection
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather
  • Luxury Packaging

Smart Anti-lost/Anti-theft Travel Accessories :

Smart Travel Accessories Best gift for christmas 2022

Ever experienced the challenge of finding your misplaced keys at your home when you need them the most? We know the real pain behind it and that’s why Arista Vault’s smart travel accessories like keychains & bag tags have a find my device feature by which you can easily find your keys or bags whenever you need them with just a couple of clicks on your phone. Also, its anti-lost mechanism makes it impossible to lose as it gets connected to your phone & it’ll remind you by dropping an alarm on both your phone & itself after detecting a separation of 220 meters from your phone. So, leave the stress of keeping your belongings safe to us.


  • Ring Your Keychain /Phone
  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft Alert (20m)
  • Location Tracker
  • Selfie Button
  • Replaceable Battery    
  • Luxury Packaging
  • 1-Year Warranty


Arista Xmas Sale | Great Deals on Smart Products

As we can already feel the cold breeze of the upcoming festive season, Arista Vault brings you a very merry Christmas special - XMAS SALE. Now get great groundbreaking deals of the year on your favorite Arista smart leather wallets for men & women along with great discount offers on smart travel accessories. Get exclusive discounts & offer deals to make your Christmas even more special & happy. 

Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

Best christmas gifting offers

Now buy more to get even greater Christmas gifting deals for this festive season. Shop for any two of your smart leather wallets from the Arista Vault’s smart wallet collection & get a smart travel accessory absolutely free on every purchase. Not only this for pre-paid orders you can also get free priority doorstep delivery that too anywhere in India.

Flat 20% off on all Arista Vault Christmas Gifting SolutionsGreat discount deals on christmas gifts

Now get a flat 20% off while purchasing your Christmas gifts in the form of smart wallets, luxury leather wallets & trackable travel accessories which can save your time by protecting your belongings effortlessly in the meantime you can concentrate on your other important things, we’ll take care of your belongings’ safety. Use the discount coupon code “XMAS20” at the checkout to claim your flat 20% discount.

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