5 Most Unique and Trending Tech Gadgets in 2023 | Smart Wallets & Smart Luggage

5 Most Unique and Trending Tech Gadgets in 2023 | Smart Wallets & Smart Luggage

Technology, without a doubt, has a big impact on our daily lives, even in our regular small things, technology plays a vital role. With so many new devices like a smart phone, smart luggage, smart accessories, etc at our reach with just a couple of clicks using modern e-commerce shops, it's difficult to think about a time when they didn't exist and how it affects human life unnoticeably. As we’re on the move to the much-celebrated new year i.e., 2023 with a whole new approach to personal and professional growth along with new aspirations to fulfill this year & none of it exists without the help of new-age technology.

Technology and innovation have demonstrated that the human mind knows no bounds, as evidenced by the development of new tech innovative products often called "gadgets" on a daily basis. From the smartphone you carry with you at all times to the virtual assistant you ask to play a song while cooking or cleaning, these electronic devices are designed to make our lives easier. Keeping this thought in mind, Arista Vault has also come up with its smart range of innovative products to make human life easy, simple & safe with a range of smart wallets for men & women, keychains, bag tags, and a whole new series of smart luggage range having smart leather business bags that helps you to keep your belongings safe & sound.

So, here’s the top 5 list of the most unique and trending tech gadgets in 2023:

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1. Smart Leather Wallet for Men: -

Smart leather wallet for men with GPS location tracking

So just like your other go-to gadgets including smartphones, smartwatches & other smart virtual assistant devices, Arista Vault has taken up the charge to make your wallet smart too. Now just like your other essential devices, your wallet is also loaded up with smart tech features like an Inbuilt 3000 mah power bank to charge your phone along with a smart anti-lost/anti-theft module to protect you from the historic issue of your wallet gets lost or stolen. Now you can track this super cool smart wallet at your fingertips to safeguard your belongings kept in the wallet. Also, now with this RFID wallet, you’re all geared up to tackle all kinds of theft including digital theft and other lost scenarios with your Arista Vault Smart Wallet.


  • Anti-theft/Anti-lost alarm 
  • 20-metre separation alarm
  • 3000 Mah power bank built-in
  • Location tracking
  • Design-engineered premium Italian leather 
  • Remote selfie button
  • RFID protection


2. Smart Leather Wallet for Women: -

Smart leather wallet for women with GPS location tracking

You must’ve heard that saying which goes like this, “Never Judge a Book by its Cover”. Now it's exactly the case here, this is not just another leather wallet for women you see in the market rather it's a part of the revolution that is being started by the brand to safeguard peoples’ belongings while providing them a sense of safety using their smart safety/security solutions in the form of luxury leather wallets & smart accessories.

She-Bot is a wallet that is crafted out of luxury Italian quality leather along with top-notch security features like anti-theft/anti-lost alarm, and GPS location tracking helps you to never lose it. This cool wallet for women also allows you to ring your phone and even your wallet when you’re in a hurry. Also, for all the ladies who like to click cool selfies, the wallet allows you to take selfies using its power button.


  • 20m Separation Alert
  • 3000 Mah Power-Bank
  • Ring my wallet/phone 
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • RFID Protection
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather
  • Luxury Packaging


3. Smart Anti-lost Travel Keychains: -

Smart Travel Accessory with Inbuilt Location Tracking

Have you ever lost your important keys like car keys, home keys, desk keys, etc? If yes, then Arista Vault Smart Keychain is the perfect gadget for you. These smart travel accessories are your one-stop solution to all the safety & security concerns you have for your belongings, with its next-generation smart tracking module Arista Vault smart keychains are loaded with tons of cool features like anti-lost/anti-theft alarm and a 20-metres separation alert whenever your phone and your gadget is more than 20-metres away from each other.

And have you ever wondered if you'll be able to call your belongings in order to find them urgently? Yes, that is now possible with the “Ring my Keychain” feature on this smart gadget using which you can ring your keys and your phone simultaneously. Now never be late to the office again, in case you were not able to find your car keys or phone.


  • Ring Your Keychain /Phone
  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft alert (20m)
  • Location Tracker
  • Selfie button
  • Replaceable Battery    
  • Luxury packaging


4. Smart Anti-lost Travel Bag-tags: -

Smart Travel Accessory Leather Bagtag with GPS

So how many times has this happened to you that you're traveling to your favorite holiday destination with all your belongings and travel essentials packed in your travel bag and constantly you’re having a thought that your bags are not safe, your belongings are vulnerable to lose or theft, etc? Never let that happen to you ever again with the new age smart travel accessory i.e, Smart Bag-tag. Make your ordinary bags into smart luggage with bag tag’s advanced tracking system by which you can keep a track of your bags attached to it on your phone easily and in case of getting your luggage misplaced, you can ring your bags to find them easily. Also, the bag tag is designed in a premium yet vintage Italian leather design which also makes it a luxury travel accessory to carry with you.


  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft alert (20m)
  • Ring my bag tag/phone 
  • Location Tracker
  • Selfie button
  • Colors available: Blue-Yellow, Brown
  • Premium Quality Leather
  • Battery Life:12 Months Battery


5. Smart Luggage/Business Leather Bags: -

Smart Leather Business Bags with GPS location tracking feature

Here comes the revolution to the luggage and travel industry with Arista Vault’s fresh new arrival of a smart luggage range i.e, Smart Leather Business Bags. Now update your urban work needs with this cool smart leather bag that gets connected to your phone using an app and you can further keep a track of it on your phone. Keep your important work documents safe and sound along with your expensive laptops that carry even more precious data in them. Imagine losing that for a second, scary right?

This luxury leather business bag is made up of Italian quality leather and is filled with RFID-protected “mesh” material that keeps your cards safe from identity thieves & digital theft situations. Now you can also charge your phone on your way commuting to your workplace as your smart bag comes with an inbuilt power-charging of 3000 Mah. Also, you can easily ring your bag in order to find it at your workplace or at your home easily.


  • Location Tracking
  • Ring Your Bag/Phone
  • Anti-lost / Anti-theft Alarm
  • Magnetic Safety Locks
  • Inbuilt 3000 Mah Power-bank
  • Designed by International Artisans
  • Premium Italian Quality Leather
  • One-year warranty

Here we come to an end to our top 5 list of “Most Unique & Trending Tech Gadgets in 2023”. Upgrade to a new year with an upgrade to your lifestyle with Arista Vault’s smart safety and security solutions that comes in a complete package of luxury fashion & travel accessories for both men & women. Check www.aristavault.com for more information.

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