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#AristainGoa: - A Revitalizing Workcation for the Zestful & Diligent Arista Vault Team

So, finally the year is about to come to an end after a long & wearying journey of industrious work with a mission to make human life easy, simple & safe. Many splendid achievements were unlocked by the team Arista Vault which established the brand as the pioneer of the smart luggage & accessory industry.

Journey of Arista Vault in 2022: - 

The year 2022 was a roller coaster ride for the team & the founders where all the hard work paid off & we saw the peak of achievements with the scaling & expansion of the brand to major Indian cities including Gurugram, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Goa while having the prime headquarter in Delhi. With the globally increased demand for the revolutionary product line, Arista Vault also catered to Germany, Chile, Dubai, and other gulf nations, while being able to break into the global market before finally reaching the USA.

As it's the end of the year & we are wrapping up while approaching the final chapter of the “Book of Souvenir” along with planning the extensive growth for the coming year where the brand will shine brighter than the sun. The entire team of an organization is a bit exhausted after an intense & eventful year. So, to abolish the fatigue, the company is moving to Goa for a 10-day “Workcation” that will allow the movers of the brand to enjoy working on the most dreamed holiday destination of India i.e., Goa. 

“I Regret Going Travelling”, said Nobody Ever! But because people carry such an occupied lifestyle, they don’t get time for a great vacation.

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But that’s not the case for the average Arista Vault employee as the brand’s prime target segment includes “travelers” so the organization doesn’t hesitate to allow its employees a week or two for a relaxing working holiday where everyone can work at the luxury of being at their desired destination.

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A change of scenery can help an individual to feel more refreshed and productive; the monotony of living and working at home can be exhausting, so workcations can help you both personally and professionally. So, after an exhausting year of work & achievements, as a part of the recent partnership with the “Government of Goa” the Arista Vault team is visiting Goa at the very peak of it in December where everyone will work at the refreshing scenic beauty of Goa while participating in various fun activities to energize them to the fullest in order to work immersively for what’s coming in the next year. 

Various studies have suggested that working while being on a vacation can help increase the productivity & efficiency of an individual by relieving mental & physical stress which is beneficial for a healthy work-life balance too. As a part of the new branding & marketing activity, the team is visiting Goa at the very peak of it in December where everyone will work at the refreshing scenic beauty of Goa.

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