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Arista Vault : Story of the Brand, Timeline & Achievements

It all started with an incident that happened with one of our founders in 2017 like many of you may also have gone through. “Wallet Theft” - sounds like a very familiar and common problem in the world, right? We all know the hustle of losing your wallet and the challenge of retrieving those IDs and important documents that we lost with the wallet.

No one was thinking of the worldwide widespread problem of wallet theft at that time but the concept and idea of Arista Vault’s Smart Wallet was born through that one incident. 


2017: Initial Idea of the Revolution

2017 best

In 2017, Miss Purvi Roy, Col. K.K. Singh, and Atul Gupta founded Arista (Sanskrit word that means "unhurt''),  with the goal of providing security and safety in people’s everyday life. Innovative ideas don't wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. A group of technologists, designers, and business professionals collaborated to create a ground-breaking, high-tech intelligent device that will protect, simplify, and relieve the everyday grind by solving the problem of theft & lost goods.

2018: Introducing “Wallet-Bot”

Introduce Wallet-Bot

It took over a year for the technological and physical design of the “World’s First-Ever Alive Wallet” that was able to protect itself from getting lost or theft after which in 2018 finally “Wallet-Bot” was introduced. The product was launched through Amazon's exclusive Launchpad and received a massive response across the country, with individuals not only buying but also gifting it.

The company has been named "Innovative Tech Company of 2018" by the Agni Govt. program. The first year of the brand was very good because of the enormous response from customers, Arista Vault was named as the "3rd Top Emerging Brand of India" by Amazon.

2019: Year of Successful Partnerships


Arista Vault reached a major milestone when it received government funding, validation, and support in 2019, the year when The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology of India with Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) and Electropreneur Park (EP) as part of the Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM) initiative. Two world-class labs were being given to the company a contract to design and develop its revolutionary product under government supervision. 

With the government backing & utmost support, Arista produced and patented its products.

At the TIE Global Summit 2019, Arista Vault was awarded the “Spirit of Manufacturing” award. No amount of magic can transform dreams into reality; nevertheless, perseverance and hard effort do. In 2019, the company launched six more products after starting with one.

2020: The Covid-19 Outbreak


In 2020, the company started expanding to many international markets like UAE, USA & Chile. The COVID-19 outbreak triggered unparalleled mass dismissals and furloughs that was the time, during lockdown when most of us were inside the home, team Arista was brainstorming & working day in and out. The quest was to devise tools based on prevention methods against this deadly virus within 21 days. We launched a Made in India product series “Shuddhi Series”. 

It was created as a blessing in disguise and then supplied to hospitals and government agencies. After extensive testing, the equipment was certified by NABL which was later patented and exported to Dubai, the Middle East, and Egypt within a month of its release. On April 10, 2020, the product earned the "National Award" in the all-India innovation competition "Safe India Hackathon #IndiaFightsCorona".

2021: The Appreciation  & Growth Year

Growth Year

It was until 2021 that Arista Vault began to reach significant heights in various sectors whether it be environment safety, product quality management, or its groundbreaking innovations, as the company was certified by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. Because of its concern for the environment and the production of green products, KIIT-TBI Bhuvneshwar supported and funded Arista Vault under SASACT. Also, In the same year, we developed another unique product series with high export quality and luxury standards and received a partnership from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), which operates in more than 130 countries. Not only this, Lemon Ideas provided additional industry support, and the company was ranked among the Top 25 companies in Southeast Asia.

 Also, later the year Arista managed to grab its hands on the Most Innovative Tech Startup of the year title in 2021 by prestigious Star Awards.

2022: Year of Recognition & Global Expansion


The Year 2022 has been started as the year of global expansion & recognition of Arista Vault Globally. As we talk about the product end, Arista Vault is launching 15 more Ultra Smart Unique Gadgets & Products in the market including Smart Business Bags, Anti-lost Keychains, Smart Desks, and some other Smart Fashion accessories while expanding to global markets like USA, Germany & UK as a part of a collaboration.

On 11th Feb Arista Vault was awarded as India's Top 100 D2C Brand by “Your Story” & on 28th March 2022, Arista Vault got another milestone round of funding from Pontac VC. On 9th April 2022, Arista Vault was recognized at the All India Summit of D2C Insider Brand as a member of the elite club of top D2C brands of India. Also, Arista is recently recognized as one of the Top Challenger D2C Brands in India by “Your Story”.

We have never been down since the day we came into business & we’re here to stay and grow by making human life easier, safer & simpler. We are attaining great heights & earning great respect and support from our partners as well as our customers for which we’re very thankful & grateful, bear with us to experience more about, “Luxury with Intelligence”.

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