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Level Up! : Time to Upgrade To A Newer Generation Of Smartness

In the modern day world we see how technology has progressed over time, from the earliest human tools to the most advanced modern technology. After a period of tremendous physical, chemical, and biological evolution, we are now witnessing technological progress.

There were times as long as we all can remember we used to see steam engine trains which were later dissolved down the drain of time

& were replaced by the diesel engine trains and then to electric trains. 

So the question is “Where did it all start?” & “How is it going now?” Let’s discuss technological evolution in detail.

How did it all start?

It all started with human evolution, the technological advancements we see today are the result of the contribution of years or maybe centuries of growing human intellect. Here we're gonna discuss how it all started along with how some of the greatest inventions of all time started that further led to what we are today. 


Human:- Between five to seven million years ago, the first human ancestors evolved, most likely when some apelike creatures in Africa began to walk on two legs. By 2.5 million years ago, they were flaking primitive stone tools. At that time, we might claim that the concept of basic intellect was born. Human intelligence evolution was the prime factor for the further evolutionary reforms human life was about to witness.


Computer:- One of the most impactful inventions in human history the first electronic programmable computer created in the United States was the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). Despite its similarities to the Colossus, it was significantly quicker, more flexible, and Turing-complete. ENIAC, like the Colossus, was determined by the states of its patch cables and switches, a long cry from the later stored programme electronic machines. A programme had to be mechanically set into the machine when it was written, with manual resetting of plugs and switches. 


Telephone:- Motorola's John F. Mitchel and Martin Cooper came up & showed the world his first handheld cellular phone in 1973, with a handset weighing 2 kg. The device made communication easy that further contributed to the advancement of technology to a large extent.


Camera:- Several scientists experimented with light going through a small hole, but it wasn't until the eleventh century that an inverted image was seen on a viewing screen. Alhazen (or Ibn al-Haytham) is credited with inventing both the camera obscura and the pinhole camera, which are both based on the same principle. Camera further helped mankind to see what they couldn't before without being present at that very place in-person.


Watch:- The early wristwatches made for aristocratic women were more akin to jewellery, and were worn as ornaments. Wristwatches were exclusively made and sold on commission to the wealthy, making them a prestige symbol. Time played the most important role in evolution so how can we imagine technological evolution with the utility device that measured it.


Wallet:- With the introduction of the first credit cards in the early 1950s, the contemporary bi-fold wallet with several "card slots" became conventional. In the 1970s, the velcro-closure wallet was one of the first developments. Wallets that fit in your pocket are still popular today. 

How it is going now!

How its going now

Human:- Humans now have a high level of intelligence as a result of evolution, which has enabled them to overcome all odds and become the smartest being on the planet. While being the smartest being humans revolutionise the world completely with the continuous survival & upgradation of themselves.


Computer:- Computers are now so quick, sophisticated, and powerful that you can do everything you want digitally with a single click. Nowadays, no one can envision a world without computers and the internet, and you can see it everywhere, whether it's at home or at work.


Smartphone:- Foldable smartphones are the most cutting-edge technology phones available today. A smartphone having a foldable form factor is known as a foldable smartphone. A flexible display is used in some versions of the concept, while others employ numerous touchscreen panels on a hinge.


Camera:- Now since cameras are so small and portable, you can take them with you wherever you go and capture numerous & countless memories in images and movies even in 4K or any other highest possible quality with just a click.


Smart Watch:- With the development of the smartwatch, wristwatches are developing for a more connected and technology-driven world. A smartwatch is a wrist-worn smartphone that functions similarly to a smartphone. Many smartwatches are linked to a smartphone, which alerts the wearer to incoming calls, e-mail messages, and app notifications. Some smartwatches even have the ability to make phone calls including pedometers and heart-rate sensors to aid with health tracking.


Wallet:- The only problem with wallets that is still very common, is that no one thought of upgrading it just the way people did with other gadgets and even with themselves as humans. Your wallet carries so much importance that you can ever think of including your cash, IDs, bank cards and many other important docs. What if it ever gets stolen or lost? Never thought of it right?


Switch To Smart Wallet Now!

wallet collection

Wallets have also become so advanced to the point that we now have smart wallets on the market, thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated inventors for making human life easy, simple and safe. 

Arista Vault worked to make the most underrated accessory a very smart and modern day compliant gadget by integrating luxurious handcrafted Italian Full Grain Leather which is designed by the world's finest leather craftsmen with the modern day technology designed by one of the world’s most experienced team of technological researchers and safety experts led by an ex Indian Army Colonel who worked in the direction of keeping the whole nation safe for more than two decades with a vision of keeping you and your belongings safe & sound.

With two ISO certifications and countless other achievements Arista Vault is dedicated to keep you safe while keeping alive a very luxurious and premium experience for its customers.


Perks of getting a smart wallet:-

The Smart Wallet consists of an Anti-theft/Anti-lost alarm that makes it literally impossible for you to ever lose it. Even in the worst case scenario you do lose it, then it is finely equipped with an active GPS chip that helps you locate your wallet’s location directly on your phone.

The wallet is completely splash proof so no more worry of carrying your wallet to a pool party. And if so, the wallet is equipped with a smart selfie feature to click cool poolside pictures of you.


Also the wallet has a very premium and handy design that makes it a complete package of “Luxury with Intelligence”. So, are you ready to upgrade and transform your life to a very hassle free and hectic free environment then click the link below to update yourself to match the new age “re-evolution”.

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