Arista Vault Technology Products: An Upgradation To Lifestyle Arista Vault

Arista Vault Technology Products: An Upgradation To Lifestyle

Today smart technology has made our lives very easy and secure. With this, we don't have to worry about the petty thefts that cost us our valuables. Thanks to Arista Vault's vision of smart innovative technologies, you can now possess products that reflect the true meaning of Luxury with Intelligence including wallets, key chains and so much more.

Smarten Up Your Lifestyle With Arista Vault


Our very own Indian market now boasts several smart, convenient, and easy to deal with technologies owing to Arista Vault’s products. And what's more, these utilities keep up your style quotient high with utmost safety and care. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • Classic Wallets: Think of a smart tech wallet that also provides classy aesthetics of regular wallets. Multi-faceted with larger space to accommodate, no thief would get away with the crime because this premium quality Italian leather Classic wallet has a traceable GPS alarm and also comes loaded with a Power bank. An anti-theft wallet with a GPS finder can serve as a great asset to your valuables and money.

Smart Wallet


  • Smart Key Chains & Bag Tags: Not just wallets, what if you could never lose track of your key chains, purses and office bags? Arista Vault is all set to revamp your present with futuristic tech solutions - smart key chains and bag tags with in-built GPS trackers and separation alarms. Simply tag them with your keys or luggage, and be carefree since you know where they are.

Bag Tag


  • Smart Pet Tracker: Smart Pets solutions is a life-saving utility for all our cute little friends. Owing to our busy routine, we often are away from our pets, leading to mishaps sometimes. With smart pets for rescue, you can be rest assured about their safety.

Pet Tracking


  • Shuddhi Products: As the name suggests, Shuddhi Baskets purify all our kitchen items as well as the electronics. Unfortunately, since Covid-19, alcohol-based allergies due to over usage of disinfectants have been prevalent. You can save yourself and your family by opting for this eco-friendly and much safer option.

 Shuddhi Basket

Technology is the new normal, and intelligent accessories like anti-theft anti-lost wallet will be an inseparable part of our future, along with protecting our mobile from theft. With Arista Vault, you can be assured of the best-in-class smart technology at your doorstep.

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