Mega Christmas Giveaway Arista Vault

Mega Christmas Giveaway

Join the hood, Santa gifts you good!

As the holiday season approached, the most difficult decision we had to make was what to give our loved ones. Something they'll enjoy and that reflects your concern for them. Arista Vault understands what you're going through and has worked hard to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday season without worry.


We are ecstatic to present our biggest MEGA CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY, a joyride of games, contests, participation, and goodies. We've designed the offer such that everyone gets something for Christmas this year.

Prizes include smart gadgets, T-shirts, masks, vouchers, and other items. And one does not have to perform any hard labor to obtain these. Yes, you read that correctly. You just have to go to the Youtube page of Arista Vault, subscribe to it and click the bell icon so that you won’t miss out on the prize announcement And tell us in the comment section why you should be the winner. Your comments will improve your chances of winning. 

Following that, you may follow Arista Vault's Instagram page and, after like the post, tag 5 friends in the comments so that they, too, can win the goods, since what's Christmas without sharing?

 Follow the Arista Vault on Facebook and Twitter and share the information to increase your chances of winning.


Enough about the contest and your participation; you're probably eager to learn about the awards. So let us pull back the curtains. Our FIRST PRIZE WINNER will receive our finest SMART CLASSIC WALLET, valued at Rs.7000/-. This wallet has a trackable GPS alarm as well as a power bank. A GPS-enabled anti-theft wallet may be a significant addition to your belongings and money. It is also RFID protected.

Christmas smart gift
Our SECOND WINNER will receive a She-BOT wallet valued at Rs.6500/-. This Smart Wallet is an incredibly fantastic wallet with smart features such as anti-lost/anti-theft and a built-in power bank, and it is made of Design engineered luxury grade leather. There's also a power button for a unique selfie feature.


A few Top winners will receive a Finder wallet worth Rs. 5600/-. This wallet also has all of the smart features, as well as a robust power bank.

The list does not end here; there are still more rewards available. Because we care about you, several of the winners will get Arista Vault's T-Shirts and Masks. We will also provide Rs. 500 website coupons to the remaining winners. As a result, you can rest assured that there will be enough gifts for everyone.


Important points to remember: 

  • The participation begins on December 4th and finishes on December 20th.
  • Participation will be invalid after December 20th.
  • The winners will be announced live on the YouTube channel on December 24th.

You can also visit the Arista Vault website and purchase our other items such as Smart key chain, Smart tag, Shuddhi box, and so on, with the availability of discount upto 70% on the products.

We hope you all have a good time with the contest and with your loved ones. Arista Vault wishes you all a Merry Christmas and good luck in the contest.

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