NEW YEAR GIFT 2022 For Men’s & Women Online | Up to 75% Off. Arista Vault

NEW YEAR GIFT 2022 For Men’s & Women Online | Up to 75% Off.

New Year gifting brings another year of trust and dreams to life! It is the first best event of the year so everyone wants to give something special and unique to their loved ones. Arista Vault brings a plethora of New Year gift ideas for their customers on their website The brand has spent hours working with a-list specialists to bring the absolute best innovation and usefulness in their smart wallets. Who doesn’t want to give something smart yet luxury as a new year gift. Arista Vault solves the problem by allowing us to upgrade to the new generation of gifting.

Classic Wallet

By gifting smart wallets you are not only helping them secure their cash but also you are giving them luxury with stunning features such as anti theft/anti lost two-way alarm, built-in power bank, two-way tracker, remote selfie and many more. 

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, Arista Vault understands all your problems and has come up with the best gifting choices in the world with the latest NEW YEAR SALE of up to 75% off so that everyone gets best for their New Year. To find luxury yet extraordinary choices for new year gifts on the web, do check out the following products on Arista Vault’s Website:

Classic Men's Smart Wallet

This smart wallet allows you to get stunning features such as anti theft anti lost two-way alarm, built-in power bank, two-way tracker, remote selfie and many more. In this Wallet, you get luxury Gift packaging, charging cable, iOS and C-Type charging connectors, User Manual and Warranty Card.

Smart Wallet


  • Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm
  • Two Way Alarm / Pickpocketing Alarm
  • Location Tracking
  • 3000 mah Power Charging
  • 20 Meter Separation Alarm
  • RFID Protection
  • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather
  • Remote Selfie Button


Smart women need smart gifts. A product which can be your companion in all those hustles you make in the walk of your life and sometimes you become carefree, we understand and back you up with our Smartest Tech product She-bot Finder wallet. It's not your ordinary wallet, It's a revolutionary product which protects you from losses. It has amazing smart features like

smart purse for women


  • Separation Alert
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • Pickpocketing alert
  • RFID Protection
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather

RFID Protected Wallet

This anti RFID Wallet protects e-cards, Credit card, Debit cards or digital money from e-theft. It also protects from RFID skimming by creating a shield around the wallet. This shield blocks the signals sent out by RFID readers to protect the information they contain.

High quality Leather: Crafted from premium Italian leather, ensures soft touch, durability and quality. Hand-finished by artisans in our workshop with utmost attention to detail. This Smart wallet is much more than an elegant, fashionable wallet for men. Perfect gifting Solution. With an exquisite gift box/vanity box.

RFID Wallet



  • Protection From Digital Theft
  • RFID Protection
  • Premium Leather
  • Extra hidden card slots
  • Ensures soft touch
  • Perfect gifting Solution

 All of the smart wallets are much more effective than elegant to gift your close ones. The list of Arista Vault’s smart products doesn’t end here. It's not only a wallet, it's a gadget, Wallet-Bot. It is anti-lost /anti-theft , it can be trackable & it has two way Smart connectivity with the mobile phone and wallet. The Wallet-Bot comes with premium quality design engineered leather.

You can likewise visit the Arista Vault website and buy their different things, for example, Smart key chain, Smart Bag-tag, Shuddhi box, etc, with the accessibility of markdown up to 75% on the items.

Arista Vault wishes you a very happy and blessed New Year.

Best of luck with all your New Year gifting's.

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