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Men’s Luxury designer wallets

Even when mobile payments are becoming more popular, we cannot disagree to the fact that wallets are the easiest way to carry credit cards, identification cards, membership cards, and occasionally even cash. Because our wallet holds our money, it is a sign of prosperity, success, and talent. So, we should not compromise on the quality and always look for the best. of course, we don’t want to spend money on something that can be stolen or can get lost easily. This problem, however, has come to an end. Today we still have few ways to keep track of and safeguard your wallets, so here are the 5 best smart luxury wallet options for people of a new era based on extensive research:

RFID Wallet: No more Identity Theft

rfid leather wallet

This luxury wallet for men however doesn’t help you to spend any less but it surely helps protect your credit cards by using technology that prevents Identity Theft. These days most credit cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for contactless payments which comes with a drawback. So, when you're not making a payment, this RFID-blocking men’s wallet helps preserve the sensitive information inside your wallet. This anti-RFID luxury wallet guard against the e-theft of e-cards, credit cards, debit cards, and digital money. It also creates a shield around the wallet to protect it from RFID skimming. To secure the information contained in RFID readers, this shield blocks the signals put out by the readers.

A customer says: We travel a lot and wanted to have our cards RFID secure. It works excellent, it’s also neat and compact!! I would highly recommend this product.


Wallet-Bot Finder: Track your wallet

finder leather wallet

If you have a habit of misplacing your wallet, Finder wallet for men is the best pick for you as its two-way alarm allows you to track your wallet as well as your phone. With the Smart Luxury Tracking Wallet Bot Finder, you can now travel safely. This smart luxury wallet for men is far more effective than a usual traditional men’s wallet. Make your life more convenient and smarter. It helps you locate your wallet using a GPS tracker and searched in two ways: on the phone and in the wallet.

A customer says: Very sleek and slim wallet justifies the price point and the Gps and all the other features work really well. Happy customer of the Arista Smart Wallet for more than 8 months.


Wallet-Bot Classic: The All-in-One wallet


luxury leather wallet


This luxury wallet for men is simply the best in both worlds. It not only comes with RFID protection and a GPS tracker, but this purse for men is extraordinary as it has an inbuilt power bank with 3000 mAH, you heard it right, now you don’t even have to carry bulky power banks anymore, you can charge your phone anytime anywhere using just your leather wallet. And this inbuilt power bank is just an add-on feature to the already amazing smart wallet.

A customer says: “The charging feature literally saved me at the midnight when I was booking a cab in a distant place of nowhere and my phone got dead. I charged my phone with it then I realized its importance there when I was stuck and the wallet helped me out. Best tech gadget in the form of men's leather wallet.”

Card Bot: One-Click Card Access


card bot


This luxury Card-Bot is not only smart but also very stylish to carry your cards, this card wallet was created with the fast-paced nature of modern living in mind. It's having a one-click card access feature that allows you to get to your cards quickly. The user can organize cards into an upward stack that can be accessed at the touch of a button, effectively spreading out cards anytime they are needed. This tiny wallet for men is so small and light that you won't need to carry a huge wallet any longer. This RFID-protected superior design engineered leather smart card wallet for men not only looks nice and fashionable, but it also has functions like a GPS tracker and separation alarm.

A customer says: A customer says:
Quality is great, Holds and the button mechanism works! That’s enough for me to give it a 5 star. Even the packaging it came with shows that the company doesn’t skimp on quality.”




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