The Holi Vault : Holi 2022 Sale, Campaigns & More Arista Vault

The Holi Vault : Holi 2022 Sale, Campaigns & More

The Holi Vault: Holi 2022 Sale, Campaigns & More

Holi is a festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil by painting the town with as many colors as possible. It is a holiday that brings us closer to our loved ones, allowing us to meet and greet them, forgive and thank them. It's that time of year when the colors of the season are in the air, and we've probably all started making plans on how to celebrate it. Arista Vault also decided to celebrate Holi with you guys in a different way.

Arista Vault presents you “The Holi Vault” including some really cool and irresistible offers & discounts along with some social initiatives to save the environment and spread happiness in the society.

The Holi Vault Sale: Up-to ₹3800 OFF!

Now buy any Arista smart product whether it be the smart wallet for men or the smart wallets for women you can save up-to ₹3800 off on every product purchase. And along with the great discount you’ll get free doorstep delivery pan India. Hurry Up and Buy Now! Offer valid till 16th March only. Use Code: “HOLIVAULT” at the checkout page and claim your discount.

  • Smart Classic Men’s Wallet:

    mens wallet

    Get the smart classic men’s wallet with GPS tracking, an Inbuilt power-bank, and an anti-lost/anti-theft 2-way alarm. Now play Holi stressless because Arista smart wallets are splashproof so don’t worry about your wallet getting wet and damaged because we got it covered. 

    The classic wallet comes with a very handy and sleek design that is very slim to hold and you can also take your Holi selfies with the one-touch smart selfie button feature.

    Buy Now at Use Code: HOLIVAULT at the checkout page and claim your discount.

  • She-Bot Smart Women’s Wallet:

    womens wallet

    Now play colorful Holi with the vibrant range of smart wallets for women with GPS tracking and Anti-theft/Anti-lost alarm feature. Crafted with Italian leather and beautiful colors She-Bot is the trending & must have new age women accessory/gadget that every woman needs. Smart selfie feature is the most iconic and loved feature of the wallet and the anti-lost and separation alert makes it impossible to ever lose your wallet.

    Also, you can play Holi without worrying much about it because like all the smart wallet ranges this is also splash-proof and water splashes cause no harm to it.

    Buy Now at Use Code: HOLIVAULT at the checkout page and claim your discount.

  • Card-Bot Smart Unisex Cardholder Wallet:

    Card Holder Wallet

    Wanna go a step further and get something unique that suits any gender and any age then Card-Bot is definitely the right choice to go with. This smart wallet is perfectly compatible for the cards that everyone carries these days and also there is enough space for your cash too. Crafted with superior design engineered leather and loaded with features like GPS tracking and anti-lost/anti-theft alarm with 20 meter separation alert that makes it impossible to lose. Now you can be a little careless and play Holi to its fullest without worrying about losing your stuff. Also, the wallet is equipped with splashproof coating that makes it more durable and damage resistant in the long run.

    Buy Now at Use Code: HOLIVAULT at the checkout page and claim your discount.

    The Colorful Smiles Initiative

    In Holi 2022 Arista Vault decided to spread happiness with the little underprivileged kids in Delhi. We came to a decision to give away 10% of our product sales to bring smiles to 5 little faces by giving them a special Holi hamper with sweets and gulaal so that they can celebrate Holi happily. Also, our team reached out to these kids on the streets of Delhi and spent a beautiful time with them. Also, we taught the kids about water conservation concepts, how valuable water is for all of us and how we can together prevent the wastage of water. 

    If you also want to be a part of the initiative then you just have to make a purchase from us, you’ll get the discount applicable and we will donate 10% of the product sales to this initiative. 1 Purchase = 5 Precious Smiles.

    Check out the video to take a glimpse of those magical moments we spent with the kids.

    “Save The Water” : Celebrate Dry Holi in 2022

    As an ISO 14001 : 2015 certified company for Environment Safety & Management Arista Vault decided to take a step towards water conservation and pledge the people not to waste water this Holi as water is very scarce in many areas and wasting it definitely gonna cost us a big time in the future. We started an awareness campaign to tell people the worth of water and why we shouldn’t waste it.

    Almost 150 lakh liters of water is wasted and around 4000 lakh people around the globe are forced to live in water scarcity. It’s time to rethink the concept of celebration of Holi while working towards water conservation. Every step counts and your contribution is very precious for all of us.

    Lastly, we would like to wish a very Happy Holi to all of you. Visit for more information and purchases.

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