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Give freedom to your pet and Track them smartly.

Pet Tracker

We all know our pets love us and we can say that pets are a blessing in our life. Pets are the best ones who love us unconditionally. Usually, our pets offer us everything they have without requesting anything to go back. The primary aim of any puppy’s existence is to make its proprietor glad. Nowadays, even the time ‘owner’ is changing. This is how our relationship is evolving. The human-Animal bond is mutually beneficial, unequalled, and precise this is influenced via behaviour taken into consideration essential to health. However, nobody gives freedom to their pets.

We are offering a smart pet tracker by which you can track your pet easily with your smartphone. It’s a collar belt that you can put on your dog and track easily.

our product is available on our website Arista vault.


  • Find your Pet: You can easily find your pet with your smartphone, Give freedom to your pet.
  • Pet escape / lost alert: An inbuilt alarm that automatically starts ringing with 20mtr of separation by which you can track your mobile.
  • GPS location tracker: You can easily track your pet with your mobile map by GPS LOCATOR or Map Tracking feature.
  • Geo-fencing/monitoring
  • Color available: Pink & Yellow

yellow pet trackerPink pet tracker

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