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Valentines Day Gifts: Your Friendly Guide

So, we just got into 2022 yesterday right? And in a blink of an eye we’re here in February. Whoosh! That was quite hasty.

But February brings us the season of love, a season with a hundred moods and colours. Maybe you’ll get your first date with your crush, maybe they’ll say yes to your love and someone will just meet their soulmate this season, who knows?

But wait! Have you yet figured out what you’ll give your love interest on the big day? Don’t tell me you’re still hooked on those traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates or those scrapbooks! Nice try oldie but it’s 2022 & these things are pretty expectable, you need to gear up with the new gen ideas and gifts that no one can ever expect. Feeling worried?

Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Oops! Forgot to give you the intro by the way I’m Ahaan, Heyy its Arushi. And we’re your friendly guide for your special & unique valentine’s day gift.

valentine gift idea

Okay so Arushi you take the lead from here, Over to you now!

#Valentinesvault for him!

Hey girls! So I’m Arushi and I’ll be your gift guide for this valentine’s day. Let me first explain our #Valentinesvault , it's a vault where we have many exciting gifts locked for your love mate and there’s a pretty good range to cater every kind of likes and tastes of everyone. This vault only opens once in a year with the arrival of the love season i.e. the Valentine’s Season. So the time has come, let’s jump in!

gift for him

Smart Classic Wallet:

As we all know, classics never go out of style so why waste time with  on and off products, So on that note let’s start our list with The  Smart Classic Men wallet. This Smart wallet is much more than just class. It's not only a wallet, it's a gadget called Wallet-Bot.

It is anti-lost /anti-theft , it can be trackable & it has two way Smart connectivity with the mobile phone and wallet. This Wallet-Bot comes with premium quality design engineered leather.

In this Wallet, you get luxury Gift packaging, charging cable, iOS and C-Type charging connectors, User Manual and Warranty Card.

Trust me this can be the perfect Valentine gift for husband, boyfriend, or your loved ones. Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Finder Smart Men’s Wallet:

Long gone those days where men used to lost their wallets, hard cash, important cards etc. Now, with the Finder Wallet, you can never loose the sight of your important stuff in it. 

It can be positioned by GPS Tracker and can be searched in two-ways with the mobile phone & Wallet. And it is RFID protected too. So, you are saving a lot of worries. What could be a better Valentine giftfor boyfriend, husband, and your loved one than this, which has a utility and is showing how much you care. In this Wallet you get luxury gift packaging with User Manual and One year warranty card.

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

RFID Wallet for men:

Next in the list of Unique gifts for men, is RFID protected wallet.

This anti RFID Wallet protects ecards, Credit card, Debit cards or digital money from e-theft. It also protects from RFID skimming by creating a shield around the wallet. This shield blocks the signals sent out by RFID readers to protect the information they contain.

Crafted from premium Italian leather, ensures soft touch, durability and quality. Hand-finished by artisans in our workshop with utmost attention to detail so that you can get the Best Valentine Day’s gift for him. Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Card-bot Smart Cardholder Wallet:

If we are talking about unique gifts for valentine, how can we not present you all Card-bot,  a premium leather smart Card-Bot wallet with Anti-lost Anti-theft Alarm, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminium cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. It can be positioned by GPS tracker and can be searched in two ways with the mobile phone and wallet.

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

 Who would not say that this is the best Valentine’s day gift ever after knowing all these features? 

What do you think Ahaan?

Absolutely, now let’s help our bhailog too, even if they want to gift their wife, girlfriend and their loved ones unique valentine day gifts. Haan to bhailog wanna give your love a lifelong memory with a lifelong gift this Valentine? Let’s dig in then…

#Valentinesvault for her

So the vault got enough for everyone’s likes and preferences and yeah it’s not over yet! After all the girls got their thing sorted so it’s time for the boy gang to rock their valentine too.

gift for him

Women Smart Blue Wallet:

So, first in our list of valentine’s day gift for her we got this blue smart wallet for women. Loaded with next-gen features like GPS tracking which makes it anti-lost & anti-theft so you’ll never lose it.

Also, that chitty chat times got your girl’s battery drained at the most romantic times no? I got this covered too bro!

The wallet comes with an inbuilt rechargeable power bank, now carry on your lovey dovey vibes without worrying about the battery life.

Also, it comes with a best in class packaging that makes it more special than you can ever expect anything to be. Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Smart Finder She-Bot:

Next on our list of best valentines gifts for her is this finder smart she-bot. This wallet is crafted with the classic Italian leather with this attractive black & pink colour combination.

The wallet is loaded with GPS tracking, pickpocketing alert and separation alert so no one can steal the stuff of your soulmate. Who likes to see his lady love worrying about her stuff she just lost? No one, right? Tension nii bhai, Arista Vault got it all covered!

Which girl doesn't like to take selfies? So, guess what. Yes this wallet has a selfie button so that she can capture all those butterfly & dreamy moments of your date for life. 

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Blue & Yellow Smart Leather Wallet:

Can’t get Valetines day gifts any better than this. Presenting smart She-Bot in a brand new and attractive shade & combination of blue and yellow. Crafted with Italian leather, protected with RFID protected material.

Comes with a selfie button so drop the hussle of taking a selfie with your phone every time. Make your girl independent and safe with this wallet’s GPS tracking and anti-theft/anti-lost alarm.

Added a whole new cool feature of voice command, never forget your wallet again just ask your phone’s assistant “Find my She-bot” and boom the wallet will start ringing so that you can find it easily.

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Shuddhi UV Disinfection Basket:

So, this is something both the boys and the girl gang can gift to their loved ones. This valentines day gift a sense of safety to your soulmate. This basket uses UV Sterilisation technology to sterilise and disinfect your stuff within minutes. Made up of jute it’s completely biodegradable.

Certified by NABL for it’s safety and quality, Shuddhi Basket was made to tackle the situation of pandemic. You can now also gift the much needed and useful gift to your partner this Valentine’s Day.

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

#Valentinevault Offers

Now, let’s just talk about all the special offers you guys can get on your purchase of these gifts.

valentine day gift offer

So, on every purchase get up-to 50% off + flat 15% off. Added to that you guys will get the free home delivery which means you don’t have to pay any extra delivery charges for sending the gift to your partner.

And the most special thing of the deal issss…….. The gift hamper!

Yes! You heard it right, on every purchase everyone will be getting an assured customizable valentine’s day special Gift Hamper, that too for free! You don’t need to pay anything more to get the hamper.

So, what else is left? We covered each & every aspect of making your big day special. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your gifts today and make this Valentine’s Day the most special & memorable day of your life. Claim the deal now at Arista Vault

Okay, so on that note let’s wrap up this discussion of getting the best gift for the best guy/girl in the word. Hope both me & Arushi were helpful to you and we really hope you’ll get your love this Valentine’s Day. We will get back to you guys again next year, till then enjoy the company of your special one.

All the best to you guys & girls! Rock the love season with #valentinesvault.

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