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Valentine Day Gifting Guide For The Gen-Z

Imagine Romeo one day slept at the night of the 17th century then he woke up to a morning in the 21st century and guess what it's Valentine's Day so Romeo needs to buy something for Juliet as the big day gift. He strolled around and got some flowers as a gift and gave it to his new age Juliet. Juliet is now informed about the recent trends and the new day world so she’s the modern Gen-Z girl.

I don’t need to tell you what the Gen-Z Juliet should’ve done to the Oldie Romeo after getting just those flowers as the big day gift. I guess you guys can also expect what would be the case there, right? 

So, don’t be that Oldie Romeo and get something unique & iconic for your lady love or your Mr. Dashy.

Gifting culture:

Gift-giving is an act of self-gratification. Gifting on special occasions like Valentine's Day adds more value to your relationship as this day is special for showing your affection through actions. You can make someone happy with a simple gift, and it doesn't have to be expensive. There's no better way to say you appreciate someone than through gift-giving.

valentine gift

If you are still waiting and stuck on what to give this Valentine then you all can check our Smart wallet series for men and women because we have covered for all of you. In these innovative times, make your gifts innovative too. Roses are cool if you are in St. Valentine's times but this is the 21st Century, right?

 Best Valentine gifts for your partner:

So, the question now is what to gift if not the traditional gifts? Here we are suggesting one of the smartest and unique gifts that fit your budget cause you are getting up to 50% + Flat 15% off on every purchase. Also, other than that you can also get an exclusive customizable valentine hamper that consists of a special keychain, a diary, a pen, a rose, and a greeting card that too without paying a single penny extra not even the delivery charges because the delivery is also free for the #valentinesvault offer. 

So, what are you guys waiting for? Check out the perfect gift for your partner in our gift guide given below and buy now! The offer persists till the stock lasts only!

smart valentine gift

Presenting India's first smart wallet series for the smarter India.

For Him:

Here, are some gift ideas for your Mr. Dashy this valentine. Enough of those traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards now get al of these in an exclusive free hamper on your purchase of the most unique and iconic gifts of all time i.e., the Arista Smart Wallet Series. So, let’s dig in.

gift for boy

Smart Classic Wallet:

As the name suggests, Smart Classic men's wallet is among those classics that never go out of style and shine more with time.

So, if you are looking to gift a metaphor of “forever” then nothing can beat Smart Classic  Men Wallet, Trust me!

Get stunning features such as an anti-theft anti-lost two-way alarm, built-in power bank, two-way tracker, remote selfie, and many more. You will also get luxury Gift packaging, charging cable, iOS and C-Type charging connectors, User Manual and Warranty Card.


  • Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm
  • Two Way Alarm / Pickpocketing Alarm
  • Location Tracking
  • 3000 mah Power Charging
  • 20 Meter Separation Alarm
  • RFID Protection
  • Design Engineered Premium Italian Leather
  • Remote Selfie Button

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Finder Smart Men’s Wallet:

Moving onto another smart Valentine gift for your husband/boyfriend/ you loved one is the Finder Smart Men’s wallet, which can be positioned by GPS Tracker and can be searched in two ways with the mobile phone & Wallet.

In this Wallet, you get luxury gift packaging with User Manual and One-year warranty card.

1-year Warranty: Our warranty covers leather wallet manufacturing defects & delivery damages.

Now travel safely with Smart Tracking Wallet Bot Finder. 


  • Anti Lost / Anti Theft Alarm
  • Two Way / Pickpocket Alarm
  • Location Tracking
  • 20 meter Separation Alarm
  • RFID Protection
  • Design Engineer Premium Leather
  • Remote Selfie Button

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RFID Wallet for men:

This anti RFID Wallet protects e-cards, Credit card, Debit cards or digital money from e-theft. It also protects from RFID skimming by creating a shield around the wallet. This shield blocks the signals sent out by RFID readers to protect the information they contain.

High quality Leather: Crafted from premium Italian leather, ensures soft touch, durability and quality. Hand-finished by artisans in our workshop with utmost attention to detail.


  • Protection From Digital Theft
  • RFID Protection
  • Premium Leather
  • Extra hidden card slots
  • Ensures soft touch
  • Perfect gifting Solution

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Card-bot Smart Cardholder Wallet:

A premium leather smart Card-Bot wallet with Anti-lost Antitheft Alarm, perfect for slim storage and quick card access. The built-in aluminum cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and protects them against skimming. It can be positioned by GPS tracker and can be searched in two ways with the mobile phone and wallet.


1year Warranty: Our warranty covers leather wallet manufacturing defects.


* Quick card access mechanism

* Anti-lost/Anti-theft alarm

* Location Tracking

* 20-meter separation alarm.

* RFID protection

* Premium leather

* Remote selfie


Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

For Her:

gift for girls

Here, are some gift ideas for your Miss/Mrs. Sassy this valentine. Enough of those traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates and greeting cards now get all of these in an exclusive free hamper on your purchase of the most unique and iconic gifts of all time i.e., the Arista Smart Wallet Series for women. So, let’s dig in.

Women Smart Blue Wallet:

Now, moving forward to Valentine gifts for wife/girlfriend/ your loved one.

This Smart Wallet has been created for Smart women in Premium Italian leather, the women who want to be a step ahead of others in the hustle, they usually forget things due to Built-responsibilities.

This Smart Wallet is an absolutely fabulous wallet with smart features like  Anti-lost/Anti-theft and a built-in Power bank, crafted with Design engineered luxury quality leather.

It’s compact design is an add on to it’s beauty and it has a  power button for a special selfie feature.


  • Anti-lost Anti-theft
  • Separation alert
  • GPS tracking
  • Selfie button
  • Built-in power bank 3000 mah
  • Premium leather
  • Vanity Gift Box

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Smart Finder She-Bot:

So what can be the Best Valentine gift for Smart Women.  A product which can be their companion in all those hustles they  make in the walk of their life. With our Smartest Tech product She-bot Finder wallet, they don’t have to worry at all.  It's a revolutionary product which protects you from losses. It's not your ordinary wallet, It has amazing smart features like


  • Separation Alert
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • Pickpocketing alert
  • RFID Protection
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

Blue & Yellow Smart Leather Wallet:

Presenting smart She-Bot in a brand new and attractive shade & combination of blue and yellow. Crafted with Italian leather, protected with RFID protected material.

Comes with a selfie button saving  time of taking a selfie with your phone every time. Make your wife/girlfriend independent and safe with this wallet’s GPS tracking and anti-theft/anti-lost alarm.

Added a whole new cool feature of voice command, never forget your wallet again just ask your phone’s assistant “Find my She-bot” and  the wallet will start ringing so that you can find it easily.


  • 20m Separation Alert
  • Global GPS Tracking
  • RFID Protection
  • Pickpocketing alert
  • Distress alarm
  • Smart selfie button
  • Made with premium Italian leather

Buy Now at: Arista Vault 

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