Best-Wallets-for-Men-you-don-t-want-to-Miss-Out-this-2022 Arista Vault

Best Wallets for Men you don’t want to Miss Out this 2022

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Men's Wallets 2022

Does your wallet only look smart or is it actually smart?

We bring to you a list of smart premium leather wallets starting at just Rs. 1,499. Arista Vault is proven to be one among the best wallet brands for men in the world that has mastered the nuances of technology and luxury. Our products have an exclusive, contemporary, worldwide look that is produced through skillful craftsmanship.

These leather wallets are carefully handmade by talented Indian artisans with a keen eye for detail. The men’s wallet includes latest technological features like Anti-theft/ Anti Lost feature, GPS tracking, separation alarm, power charging, selfie button and that doesn’t mean we make any compromise on the design. Materials/fabrics used to create these one-of-a-kind smart wallets were hand-picked by its designers.

They combine a unique blend of exquisite design and craftsmanship to develop a wide range of ideal premium leather wallet that will keep you looking good while also keeping you organized.

This is a product that will last for a long time.

Arista believes in an efficient modern lifestyle. We aspire for a global look our men’s wallets through designs which are kept Classy, yet innovative.

Committed to upholding traditional Factory workers, we work with the innate skill sets of rural artisans/workers to develop our product range.

There is a wide variety of wallets you can choose from-


Smart Wallet For men

We upgrade products in our life so why not our wallet which is used for our hard cash and cards. Enough with old age wallets, choose the uber smart wallet- Classic Wallet-Bot.

This purse for men comes with the cool features like-

The smart wallet is intact with 3000 mAh Power charging and has a two-way alarm that not only protect your wallet but your mobile phone as well. You will also get a separation alarm in it which will ring if your wallet gets 20 m away from you.

And the list doesn’t end here this branded wallet for men is RFID protected too. Voice assistant has also been added for your convenience.

The list of features is long but it will cut short your worries for sure.


mens slimmest leather wallet

Now comes the Finder Wallet which is designed to keep your pockets in mind. It shouldn’t be heavy on it; we mean physically and financially both.

It has all the important features like anti lost/ anti-theft alarm, location tracking, 20m separation alarm, pickpocketing alarm. And you might think that’s a lot but we didn’t stop there. This Italian premium leather wallet for men is also RFID protected to keep +you safe from digital theft and yet look classy. It is available in two rich colors- Brown and Black


mens leather wallet

This RFID protected wallet comes specially to solve the increasing cases of identity, document and the cards stealing.

Even with having extra hidden slots, it has been designed as the slimmest wallet for men to fit your pockets with swift motion and the premium Italian leather crafted by Indian hands ensures the soft touch.


traveler men's wallet

Intellux blue wallet for men is our favorite of all. This design engineered blue colored leather is specially made for the high demands from our travel customers. This blue color id extracted and it takes forever to achieve with all the cool features like anti-theft / anti-lost alarm, GPS location tracking, 20m separation alarm, remote selfie button, RFID protection.


men's new generation wallet

Our recently launched product Card-bot has a quick card access mechanism that is best to organize your cards.

The Card-Bot has been designed keeping the fast moving of present-day life in mind. It’s having a quick card access mechanism that helps you to access your card in one swift click.

In this the user get to arrange cards into an upward stack that can be gotten to at the snap of a button, effectively spreading out cards whenever you need them. This slim wallet is so compact and very light weighted so now you don’t have to carry bulky wallets anymore. This smart card wallet for men doesn’t only look classy and stylish but it also has features like GPS tracker and separation alarm with RFID protected premium deign engineered leather.

2022 brings to you the most stylish and practical Men's Wallets that you absolutely shouldn't miss. We have curated a list of the Best Men's Wallets 2022 to help you choose your perfect match. But wait, there's more! We've not only considered style as a factor, but also practicality and durability.

So, what makes a wallet the best for men in 2022? It's not just about the looks, but also about quality, functionality, and of course, the comfort of carry. Whether you are a minimalist who wants just the basic card slots or love to carry your world in your wallet, we have something for everyone.

Without further ado, let's dive straight into the world of top-notch wallets. Remember, the right choice can elevate your style, while a poor one can bring it down. So, choosing sensibly is the key. Trust this guide to help you with that.

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